Torco MPZ® Engine Assembly Lube HP

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Professional mechanics favor Torco MPZ® Engine Assembly Lube HP (previously known as MPZ® Cam Lube) for assembling valvetrain components. MPZ® Engine Assembly Lube HP is a gelled version of MPZ® Engine Assembly Lube featuring higher load-carrying ability and extended lube film protection. It provides severe anti-wear, anti-friction, and anti-scuff protection on cam lobes, lifters, and other highly stressed valvetrain components. MPZ® EAL HP is entirely oil soluble.


Features & Benefits:
- Heavier version of MPZ® Assembly Lube
- Completely oil soluble
- Increases protection during break-in
- Reduces frictional values
- Excellent adhesion properties to stay onand protect parts
- Bright red color

Engine Assembly Lube HP tech data sheet Printable Version Tech Data Sheet

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