Torco Hand Sanitizer

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Torco Hand Sanitizer Made with Alcohol Antiseptic 80%. Topical Solution. Non-sterile Solution

W.H.O. Recommended Hand Sanitizer with 80% Ethyl Alcohol. This exacting formula adheres to the WHO/FDA guidelines to ensure maximum strength in killing germs while being mild to the skin. The formulation is a liquid based product that can be spread on the hands to kill germs or even sprayed onto surfaces to further combat the spread of contaminants. All tanks and filling lines are made from stainless steel to ensure no contamination of the finished product. This is a liquid formula without any gels or fragrances added.

This product cannot be re-bottled and resold per FDA guidance.

• Complies with CDC and WHO guidelines for hand sanitizer
• FDA listed Product (76594-8347-1)
• Liquid Consistency Coats Hands Evenly
• Can be used to spray on surfaces
• 80% Ethyl Alcohol Formula
• Glycerin added as a moisturizing agent
• Part number 83471

*1 gallon container is $35 plus $10 flat rate for shipping in continental U.S.
*8 gallons or more is FREE freight. 

Call in orders 909-980-1495
*Pallet orders (144 gallons) - $32 per gallon includes freight in continental U.S. 
*Available in drums or bulk - call for a quote