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Best Daily Driver oils and lubricants

SR-1 Super Street Series Oil and SEP Additive offer an abundance of anti-wear protection and friction reduction for your street driven car. We purpose built the SR-1 Super Street Series products for automobiles equipped with catalytic converters as we have coined and trademarked the name “CatSafe”. We use a combination of alternative anti-wear additives to create the Generation II MPZ additive system. This additive system allows Torco to increase the level of anti-wear agents, anti-weld agents, anti-friction agents and detergents without harming the catalytic converter in your daily driver or high performance street car. This “Liquid Engineering” allows SR-1 to go well beyond the simple base oil technology used by the national brands. Torco’s MPZ focuses on “Boundary Lubrication” while reducing frictional losses within your engine.

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