V-twin transmission oil - V-series Trans lube
Product Description

V-Series Trans Lube is a selective blend of synthetic and petroleum based oils designed to protect all gear face surfaces and bearing components found in Harley® and aftermarket transmissions. Torco's race proven extreme pressure and anti-friction chemistry promotes the highest degree of protection for extended transmission life. Provides smooth shifting and prevents rust and oxidation.

Features & Benefits
- Synthetic blend technology
- Excellent shock load protection
- Provides smooth, positive shifting
- Superior anti-rust and oxidation protection
- Meets or Exceeds: API GL-6
- Available Sizes: 1 Liter

V-twin transmission oil
V-twin transmission oil - V-series Trans lube 75w90
1 liter bottle

V-twin transmission oil - V-series Trans Lube Typical Uses


Recommended for use in FL, FLT, FX and FXR transmissions.

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