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Torco products used: Engine: SR-5r 5w30 & EAL HP • Trans: MTF

World Cup Finals - Mechanicsville, Maryland November 3-5, 2017

turbo honda burnout The 22nd annual World Cup Finals, Import VS Domestic once again lived up the hype and proved to be by far the best race of the year. Sold out crowds and packed to the limits pits proved this is indeed the Super Bowl of drag racing where the best of the best come to battle it out! With 40-70 cars in each class trying to make the 32 car fields, even qualifying at this event is a major accomplishment. The weather was ranged from 80* on Friday to the mid-60's on Saturday and Sunday.

We had a decent event overall with all 3 of our cars qualifying in the top half of the fields. Sadly we experienced an onslaught of both mechanical and electrical issues of various severity with all 3 cars that created lots of working on the cars trying to find and alleviate these issues.

turbo honda burnout Joel in the BLOX Racing SFWD Civic qualified #15 of 32 in the Super Street class with a solid 8.342 @ 182.55mph pass. Unfortunately shifting issues resulted in a round 1 loss which was disappointing for us all.

Cole in the Vibrant Performance SFWD Civic battled issues with repeatedly hurting cylinder #1 during qualifying. He still mustered a best pass of 8.333 @ 172.14mph during qualifying with a hurt motor and was able to get in the show as #14 of 32 in the Super Street class with that pass. We finally traced it down to a bad fuel injector and he laid down a solid 8.201 @ 181.59mph on a low power tuneup to win first round. Sadly, in round 2 an ignition coil decided to fail and he posted a losing 8.843 @ 162.57mph effort on 3 cylinders.

James in the Competition Clutch Outlaw FWD Civic qualified #8 of 32 in the new Wild Street class which was RWD/AWD & Domestic dominated with a 7.841 @ 200.08mph pass and posted Top Speed in qualifying. We struggled all event to get the car back into proper form since the fire and had to chase issues with the suspension which caused the chassis to be out of control. turbo honda burnout We really needed the 4th qualifying round to figure things out but lost that hit due to rain so we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Round 1 resulted in a win with a 7.939 @ 198.47mph. By round 2 we were finally close to getting the car back into form but narrowly lost by .02 secs at the stripe with our quickest pass of the event, a 7.744 @ 199.17mph. The crowd was stoked to see the 200+mph trap speed in qualifying, and we left happy and with a healthy car that is still showing great potential to drive the ET's even lower.

Some of our top-performing customer builds also competed at World Cup Finals; traveling all the way from the Virgin Islands and Alaska!

Fall is upon us and we will spend the next few months planning & preparing for 2018, as we will be making some big changes to our program next year. Thanks to you all for your continued support in 2017 and we hope to see many of you at the PRI show in December!

The SpeedFactory Team

3rd annual West Coast Shootout Woodburn, Oregon April 29th, 2017

turbo honda burnout This past weekend the SpeedFactory Racing Team attended the 3rd Annual West Coast Shootout event in Woodburn, Oregon on April 29th. The weather was a nice blend of clouds and sunshine, with air density remaining below 1000' DA all day.

The track surface was still quite green as this was the first non-rainy event at Woodburn this year so far. We had a fantastic event with all 3 cars posting great results!

Joel Sipes in the BLOX Racing sponsored SFWD Civic posted a strong 8.351 @181.15 MPH off the trailer, qualifying #1 in the FWD class. He went on to win the class running solid 8.4's the rest of the day!

Cole Marmon in the Vibrant Performance sponsored Civic cracked off a solid 8.210 @ 184.35 MPH pass in qualifying which was good for #1 qualifier, and Cole went on to take the class win!
honda dragster
Struggling with extremely poor lane conditions James ran a 8.876 @ 192 MPH to qualify #6 in the Competition Clutch Civic. He then went on to post consistent 7.9's @ 199 MPH the rest of the day until being out-gunned in the finals by the #1 qualifier, a nitrous Outlaw 10.5 RWD.

In just 2 short weeks we will be heading back to California for the next West Coast Shootout race taking place at Autoclub Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA.

Thank you all for your continued support; let's keep killing it out there!

Sincerely, The SpeedFactory Team

Import Face-Off Event Las Vegas, Nevada - March 19th, 2017

blue honda civic The second event of the 2017 racing season for the SpeedFactory Racing Team was the Import Face-Off event in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 19th. The weather was nice, not very windy but on the hot side in the high 80's with air density hovering in the 4400-4800' DA range.

We had a pretty good event with all 3 cars posting #1 qualifying positions which is always exciting!

Cole Marmon in the Vibrant Performance sponsored SFWD Civic cracked off a solid 8.49@167.80MPH pass lifting early in qualifying, which was good for #1 qualifier in the FIP class. Cole made it to final round of eliminations but sadly was unable to make it to the line due to engine damage and finished Runner Up in FIP.

Joel Sipes in the BLOX Racing sponsored SFWD Civic posted a strong 8.58@172.85MPH, qualifying #1 in the FWD class. Unfortunately in round 2 of eliminations he suffered a mis-shift into 3rd and it cost him the round win, ending his day early.

honda dragster burnout This was the second outing for James in the Competition Clutch Outlaw Class Civic trying the new wider 26" x 12" tire combination and we tried making some major changes to the setup and tune hoping to figure it out.

James had to abort the run in qualifying when the car once again went into violent tire shake in 2nd gear and split the water tank on the A2W intercooler open which put water on the tire and caused it to make a hard move to the center line, coasting to a slow 10.19@92.50MPH.

We were able to make an emergency weld repair to the water tank and decided to swap back to the old 26" x 10" tire setup and tune. With the changes and repairs made, James was able to post a 7.94@194.86MPH pass to the delight of the fans and take the win in the Outlaw class.

speed factory Although we weren't successful in getting the new tires to work, we did gain more valuable data and will continue to keep on trying to get it dialed in.

We will be spending the next few weeks preparing for our next event, HondaFestNW taking place at our home track, Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA on April 9th. Thank you all for your continued support; let's break some records!

Sincerely, The SpeedFactory Team

IFO Woodburn August 2016

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IFO Woodburn August 2016

honda dragster honda dragster honda dragster team speedfactory honda dragster honda burnout honda burnout honda burnout

Update JUNE 2016

IFO Las Vegas, NV - May 1st, 2016
IFO Woodburn, OR - May 29th, 2016
IFO Kent, WA - June 5th, 2016
Cole Marmon in the Vibrant Performance Civic has strung together 3 event wins in a row with a lethal combination of reaction times, reliability, and speed. Consistent .0xx reaction times combined with solid mid 8 second passes at 180+mph in almost any conditions and unfaltering vehicle performance have made Cole a consistent winner.

The Competition Clutch Outlaw Civic underwent some major changes right after the Las Vegas race. We made the decision to finally make the move to methanol fuel and a larger Precision 8685 turbo, which required switching to a Weldon mechanical fuel pump and larger injectors.

Things went well with our low boost dyno testing, and on the 1st outing with the new setup in Woodburn, we were able to lower the stock chassis FWD record once again (from our 7.88 pass set a month prior) with a blazing 7.80 @ 190mph pass that was far from perfect as water pushed into the clutch housing causing massive clutch slip from the 1/8th on. As we continue to gather data and dial in the new setup further, you can expect to see 7.7's at 200+mph soon and likely beyond that by years end!

The BWR Civic has laid down strong 8.4 second passes at over 180mph regularly this year and has made semi final and final round appearances in the last 3 races. With the car consistently running at these speeds we have upgraded the roll cage to SFI 25.5 spec to keep Joel safe in the cockpit.

Whenever the Vibrant and BWR cars line up, you never know which car will lay down the faster pass. We have had a few rounds lost due to a weak point in the K-series shift mechanism rod that bends every couple of passes causing a missed shift, and are in the process of testing some ideas to rectify the issue.

It has been a great couple of races with solid progress being made with all the cars. Reliability has been fantastic this year and we are excited to spend some more time further dialing in the Outlaw car with all the recent changes. After last years successful exhibition at the NHRA National Event, we have been invited back once again this year, including an after hours Pit Party on Friday evening that will be hosted in the SpeedFactory pits right after the last round of Top Fuel qualifying!

4-16-16 @ West Coast Shootout Woodburn Dragstrip, OR

The Competition Clutch Outlaw Civic resets the stock chassis FWD record with a 7.88 @ 190 mph pass!
It becomes the first stock chassis non-wheelie bar'd FWD car to run in the 7.8xx's!

Joker Machine IFO Bakersfield, CA - Feb 28, 2016

We started off our season with a trip to sunny California. Conditions at Auto Club Famoso Raceway were mild and pleasant, with temps in 65-70* range and sunny with density altitude readings of 1600-1900* during the day.

Chris Jewell, owner of Competition Clutch blessed us with his presence, hanging out with us and bringing a few models to support the Competition Clutch display and clutch specials offered at this race only. The response was amazing and we are really happy with the outcome.

Joker Machine We have a few new additions to the team to announce:

We warmly welcome Torco USA to our race program as a sponsor! Torco offers a huge lineup of advanced lubricants that work great in our cars and we are happy to have them on board. You can find them online here

We would also like to welcome Kingpin Machine to the program! They specialize in small quantity, precision machined, uncompromising suspension components for road race & drag cars. We look forward to seeing improved consistency and better 60' times from all of our cars with their exceptional quality products on board. Visit their website at
Joker Machine
And last but definitely not least, Ford Performance has come on board with support for the new Mustang EcoBoost project! No introduction is needed here, they will be providing parts and technical support as we embark on our quest to build the world's fastest EcoBoost Mustang. Keep up to date on all things Ford Performance at

The event went decent overall. The Competition Clutch Outlaw car qualified #1 in the FIP class with an 8.07 @ 192 and 8.01 @ 189 lifting through the traps. Round 1 netted an 8.07 @ 186 lifting 100' before the stripe. The car then ran an 8.02 @ 195 in round 2 before falling to a broken final drive due to tire shake in the semi-finals.
Joker Machine
The Vibrant Performance civic qualified #1 in the FWD class with an 8.55 @ 181. We decided to sit out Q2, and unfortunately in round 1 second gear didn't want to co-operate.

The BWR civic struggled with shifting issues related to a bent shift mechanism during qualifying, and then in round 1 the engine tossed a rod at the top of second gear which ended our day in the FWD class. That powerplant was the original engine since the car was first built over a year ago, it has served us well but it's time was up!

Joker Machine We decided to bring our new EcoBoost 2.3L 4-cylinder Mustang project car along for the trip. It is currently running a stock engine and turbo with bolt-on parts and tuning from Turbosmart, Ford Performance, Driveshaft Shop, Cobb, SpeedFactory, and a set of M&H 275/50-17 drag radials.
We made the 2000 mile round trip without a hiccup averaging an impressive 32mpg along the way, and clicked off a string of easy 12.0-12.1 second passes at 115-116mph. The car was run at full weight and with a mid-level safe tune Joker Machine (around 380whp) just to gather some data. We are very happy with that for the first time out on a new platform as there is plenty of improvement left to be made. We can't wait to spend some more time with the car once our home track opens in the upcoming weeks!

Even though we didn't take home any wins, we were happy with the event overall - attendance was great and fan support was overwhelming. We were testing a few changes to our engine program to improve reliability and the data so far looks very promising. 2016 is shaping up to be another great year and we thank you for your support!
Sincerely, Matthew Hurlbut

2011 April Firebird Raceway AZ
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