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RAD Industries

Torco products used: Engine: TR-1r 20w50 • Trans: SGO 75w90

Rad Dan Burkett of RAD INDUSTRIES Uncharted Territory - Round 2: Orlando, Florida
The heat was ON in Florida! Dan had strong qualifying runs placing him 16th going into the Top 32 battles. Although Dan carried a great lead run in Top 32, his chase run was a challenge preventing him from advancing into Top 16.

Each round has been a great opportunity for Dan to interact with fans. He is constantly approached with questions regarding his car build, allowing him to continue sharing his knowledge as a builder and going into detail of all the components that attribute to his performance on the track!

The team is enjoying promoting each company involved in Dan's program as we travel the country. We look forward to carrying every experience from each round into the next as we move forward with our goals in the 2017 Formula Drift Season.

RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra
RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra

Rad Dan Burkett of RAD INDUSTRIES ABOUT Dan Burkett:
Costa Mesa, CA - “Rad Dan” Burkett of RAD INDUSTRIES
In a single season, Dan obtained his Formula Drift Pro2 license in 2014 from the competitive ProAm Series, TopDrift. Being a part of Formula Drift was a huge step and Dan and his team wanted to go big! Dan has always dreamed of competing in a Toyota Supra and Formula Drift was his first chance of many more plans to come. This dream inspired Dan and his RAD Industries crew to build the only professional drifting MKIV Toyota Supra in America as of 2015. This goal required a lot innovation and testing to get the Supra dialed in with little reference from other chassis setups.

RAD Industries supra Dan is loyal to Toyota and continues to include that wow factor in his drift car that all drifters love to captivate in the sport of Drifting! He enjoys making it his own and motivating other drivers to continue moving forward towards achieving their goals. Dan and his wife, Renee Burkett have worked hard to build up the team they are today. They have had the opportunity to establish valuable partnerships through Dan’s race program and with a great crew in place, they are looking forward to all the possibilities ahead. Going into 2016, the RAD Industries Team has worked on giving the Supra a striking and powerful refresh along with a new look!

Dan’s Supra build was put on display through Super Street’s 5-part online article. This caught a lot of people’s attention seeing a “Drift Supra” come together. RAD Industries supra He has received a great amount of support from his sponsors, family and friends in the beginning stages of his professional drift career. Super Street also featured Dan and his Drift Supra in their January 2016 print issue. After a lot of refining and fine tuning the Supra in the 2015 Formula Drift series, the RAD Industries Team is starting off 2016 with a lot more under their belt, we are excited to see what this season hold’s for Dan.

Renee Burkett, Jeff Le, Austin Sager

ABOUT RAD Industries Race Shop:
RAD Industries supra Dan is not only recognized for his RAD mullet but also for his successful race shop, RAD Industries in Santa Ana, California :)

• Championship Winning Car Builds: Alex Heilbrunn’s 2014 Top Drift BMW + 2015 Formula Drift Pro2 BMW
• Serves as USA headquarters for Mad Mike Whiddett (New Zealand) and HGK Racing Team (Latvia, Europe)
• Home to many upcoming car builds and active competition drivers in various classes of racing

CAR: 1995 Toyota Supra
RAD Industries supra - 850whp, 2JZ Brian Crower 3.4 Stoker
- Borg Warner 9174 EFR Turbo
- ESR SR07 Wheels
- RAD Industries Custom Wide Body Kit
- RAD Industries Livery Design
- Sparco Interior

RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra RAD Industries supra

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