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Torco products used: Engine: T-4SR 20w50, • Other: PL-50, Brake Cleaner, FFO

Nic Granlund Makes History at Glen Helen - Round 9 of WORCS Pro Production Class

Nic Granlund As the race weekend approached, Nic Granlund’s excitement was building. Nic had recently raced the dirt series event two weeks earlier and had great success taking home four first place trophies.With a quick prep at STV Motorsports to Nic's Yamaha YXZR1000R he was ready to race.

After practice on Friday, Nic made only small adjustments to the tuning of his Fox Shox before Saturday’s race of the Pro Production class which includes turbo/super-charged and fully modified engines. This class is considered to be the premier racing class in the WORCS SxS series. Nic had recently spent considerable time working with Packard Performance fine tuning their new supercharge system for the Yamaha.
Nic anticipated a good result.

The line up of the start is determined by accumulated points. This season Nic had not participated in many of the Pro Production class races and therefore started on the second row. A rare occurrence for Nic in most races.

Nic Granlund Nic anxiously waited the 30 second delay between the first and second row start. Once the green flag dropped, Nic was quick off the line. In a three way battle for the hole shot, Nic backed off and took the third position exiting the first turn.

For the first 1½ laps Nic pressured the driver ahead taking on dirt and mud from an extremely muddy track. Nic made a move quickly to overtake. By this time, the field narrowed and he was quickly catching competitors from the first row. By the final stretch of the race Nic’s Yamaha YXZ 1000R performed flawlessly allowing Nic to maintain a fast and vigorous pace. Nic continued to pass riders from the first row. Nic had the leaders in sight and knew with time correction he had a chance at a podium position. Nic kept an aggressive pace driving hard all the way to the checkered flag. On corrected time, Nic took the win earning the top spot on the podium claiming Yamaha’s first win in the Pro Production class.

Round 9 WORCS Pro Stock
Nic Granlund In preparation for Sunday’s Pro Stock race, Nic noticed only after his finish, that he had managed to get two flats in the last race. To augment the superior quality of GBC tires, Nic also uses TireBlocks which combat the risk of flats common to off-road racing. “I chose the GBC Mongrels because of the great traction and they are very predictable and consistent and by adding TireBlocks, I can be more aggressive in rough terrain and take on areas that normally I would have to be more strategic about.” Nic’s Pro Stock car is a near replica of his Pro Production car, utilizing the same components supplied by his sponsors, the difference being the Pro Stock car has only the allowable engine modifications which include a Weller exhaust and tune.

As a result of series points, Nic lined up on the front row. This time he had an even better start off the line, battling for the holeshot at the first turn, coming out in the number two position. Once again, due to the high heat and strong winds the track was a combination of mud and dust. Visibility was poor through the first couple of laps, riding on the back of the leader Nic made a small mistake overshooting a corner and fell back three to four seconds. Now having clear vision Nic was able to pick up the pace and close the gap quickly. At the same time, Nic and the leader caught lappers from other classes. When the leader went wide Nic capitalized and took the lead and began to pull away. For the next few laps it was Nic’s turn to deal with the lappers, some proved to be more difficult to move past than others. Yet Nic was able to drive mistake free to the end of the race and was first to take the finish line flag, thereby capturing his 2nd win of the weekend. This was the first time ever that anyone had won the SXS Pro Production and SXS Pro Stock classes in the same weekend.
“This was a great win not only for me but for all my sponsors. With their support, we put together a race winning package of quality products that is testimony to the hours I’ve put in and the work they have done to get me here to this point.”

Nic Granlund continues his podium streak by winning both motos at round one of The Dirt Series at Glen Helen 2017

Nic Granlund The Dirt Series is a Southern California regional race series run on mx style tracks that suit Nic’s driving style and his Yamaha YXZ1000R perfectly.

The Glen Helen mx track had been battered by stormy weather and large amounts of rain on Saturday creating the potential for muddy track conditions on race day. Extreme winds overnight helped to dry out the track while diligent track crew groomed the track which made for excellent racing conditions. As Nic lined up for moto one, he noticed some of his competition included two time defending WORCS pro stock champion Cody Rowly and WORCS pro production racer Larry Heidler. The mx track was narrow, passing would be difficult, Nic knew he needed a good start for a strong finish. When the green flag dropped, Nic was second off the line and applied strong pressure for a few laps forcing the leader to make a mistake. Nic responded swiftly to take the lead and secure the win.

Moto two of the UTV Pro Production 1000 class was the last moto of the day. The wind had been steady with strong wind gusts creating a dusty, hard packed track with rough and muddy sections scattered throughout. Nic took the hole shot and rapidly created a gap to which second place stood no chance to recover. With a fast pace set, he continued to put distance on the rest of the field. Seven laps later, Nic once again takes the checkered flag for the win.

Nic has had a great start to the 2017 race season holding the points lead in both WORCS and Dirt Series. With round three of WORCS quickly approaching, Nic only has a few days to wash and have the STV Motorsports crew prep his Yamaha YXZ1000R for his next race at Honolulu Hills Raceway in TAFT California.

Nic Granlund Dominates BITD UTV Winter Nationals

Nic Granlund As the 2017 race season began on the first weekend of the new year, Nic had little time to prepare his new Yamaha YXZ 1000R so he decided to race his 2016 UTV. Arriving in Parker Az on Friday, Nic passed tech inspection with flying colors.

Saturday morning with unknown track conditions and layout, it was a guessing game on set up but with Nic's many years of racing BITD pro quads in Parker, Nic used his experience and knowledge of the area to implement his set up. After adjusting his Fox shocks mounted on Lone Star suspension, and selecting the GBC Dirt Commanders on DWT wheels, topping off with Torco racing oils, Nic suited up and headed to the starting line of the pro production 1000 UTV class.

As start time grew closer, Nic prepared himself for the dead engine land rush start. When the green flag dropped, the sound of 25 engines roared to life. Nic's quick reaction time placed him in 4th position going into turn one.

The first 300 yards were heavily watered and extremely muddy, and once the race entered the desert section, Nic advanced to third place. The first lap was dusty and Nic drove cautiously while keeping the leaders in sight, knowing it was long race. As Nic gained ground on 2nd place, his competitor experienced mechanical problems opening up the opportunity overtake. Nic's YXZ 1000R was working flawlessly. As the race went on, the leading competitor was pushing extremely hard and also had a mechanical failure placing Nic in the lead. Nic maintained a ferocious pace pulling away from the rest of the pack. By the midpoint of the race Nic notices his gas gauge is dropping quickly, prompting Nic to back off the pace and start short shifting to preserve precious fuel. With two laps to go Nic signals to his pit crew to prepare for a refuel. As Nic approaches the finish line sighting the white flag signifying one lap to go, the gap between second and first had narrowed. At this point Nic has to make a decision to either stop for fuel and relinquish the lead for first and possibly further down the field or go for broke and continue on for the final seven mile lap. Despite a fuel gauge reading empty and a pit crew ready, the prospect of a first place finish at the first race of the season is in sight, Nic takes the gamble and pushes on to take the win and top step on the podium. Next up for Nic is the WORCS SXS World finals in Primm NV.

Nic Granlund finishes on the podium at Worcs Round 1

Nic Granlund Leading up to round one of Worcs 2016 season Nic Granlund had a lot of uncertainties. It would be his first race in the all new Yamaha YXZ1000R, with great support from his sponsors supplying any available products for the new SXS. After a week of testing Nic was as ready as he possibly could get. Starting the season, the only mods done were a full exhaust system and wider a-arms from Weller racing, a set of GBC Mongrel's mounted on the new DWT Sector bead-lock, bolting in a five point ProArmor harness, and changing all fluids to Torco racing oil.

Friday was the first time Nic had the new YXZ on an actual track. While still figuring out the handling and the all new 5 speed manual transmission, it was a steep learning curve. With only a weeks worth of testing, practice went great. With the track side support personnel from Fox racing making some last minute adjustments Nic was pleased and was looking forward to Saturday's race.

Race day morning Nic threw a leg over his Yamaha YFZ450R quad in the industry A class. It was a long but fun 50 minute race on the rough Worcs course to take the win in his class.

Then it was time for the SXS production Pro stock race. After getting the far outside starting spot Nic made his first ever start with a manual clutch in a SXS, with a good jump off the line Nic was towards the front of the pack entering turn one, twelve cars battling for the same spot makes for lots of bumping, Nic was hit on the passenger side and got shuffled to mid pack.

After the next few turns of intense battling and shuffling around and a brief off-track excursion, Nic settled into fifth place. Now it was time to see if all the hard work leading up to this race had paid off. Nic would stay on the rear bumpers of his competitors making passes and eventually moving into second place following the reigning champion of the class. The GBC Mongrels mounted on the DWT sector wheels worked perfect on the rough course while his FOX Shox allowed Nic to push forward. For two laps Nic applied pressure to the leader and eventually made a clean pass to take over the physical lead. As sun was setting on the overcast day, a tinted lens meant that Nic had a hard time seeing the course clearly. He slowed down a little bit to stay safe and maintain his lead. Driving smart on the last lap Nic crossed the finish line physically in first place. However with timing and scoring and multiple rows of starts the final results placed Nic in third place with the podium finish for his first race on the all new Yamaha YXZ1000R.

Nic Granlund on the top step of the podium in the UTV/SXS 1000/unlimited class at third round of the Dirt series.

Nic Granlund Just a week after competing in the Utah round of the Worcs series, Nic Granlund decided to try out his new Polaris XP1000 in a totally different type of racing. The Dirt series consists of motocross type tracks and this round would be held at Milestone MX, CA on the main track which is littered with huge double jumps and tabletops.

To prepare for this type of race track, Nic would need to completely readjust all of the settings for his Fox Shox and run a shorter Mongrel tire from GBC mounted on his Hiper wheels. After a thorough check of his XP1k after the Worcs round he found that his Lonestar suspension components were holding up great and showed no indication of wear. With a fresh repack of his Yoshimura exhaust and changing the Torco oil in the engine, he was ready for the trip to Southern California.

When Nic pulled up to the track on Saturday to get ready for practice he was greeted by an amazing track that would intimidate most drivers. With this being the first time that he had taken the new car on a track he knew he was in for a steep learning curve. Nic Granlund

After Duane and Nic got the car ready, he took to the track the first time. With so many big jumps it would take a while to get the timing down! After resolving a minor mechanical issue, he felt confident that they had the XP1k and the track dialed.

Due to the fact that this was his first race in the UTV 1000/unlimited class at the Dirt series and he had no current points, it would give him a fifth row start for Moto one.

With the drop of the green flag, Nic quickly began to work his way through the pack.

After making several passes and moving into fourth place with only a couple of laps to go, Nic would begin to close in on third-place as the checkered flag dropped! Nic Granlund

The time between Moto's only required minor maintenance and double checking nuts and bolts, Nic was now ready for Moto two. When he pulled up to the starting line he was informed that they would invert the front two rows, and after finishing fourth in Moto one that would give him pole position for the start of Moto two.

When the green flag dropped for the second Moto, Nic quickly timed it right and got the holeshot.

With a freshly watered track it was a challenge just to stay within the boundaries and not to spin out. And as the laps were winding down he was holding a comfortable pace in the lead.

Nic was challenged by another competitor that made a tough pass on Nic but then a lap later ended up crashing himself off the track only three turns before the finish line, thereby giving Nic the victory in Moto two! Nic Granlund

As in most two Moto formats the second Moto is the tiebreaker and therefore by winning the second Moto Nic was awarded with the first place overall in the UTV 1000/unlimited class.

Nic was extremely happy with the results considering it was the first time he had his new XP1K on a track!

Nic would like to thank Duane and also Dave Kuskie from Fullerton Sand Sports for coming out on Easter Sunday to help out!

Also, Nic knows that none of his success would be possible without the help and support of his sponsors and pit crew! Nic Granlund

Ted, Mike and Duane for all of their long hours and support!

Fox Shox, Carr one fabrication, GBC tires, Lonestar, Motoactive, Yoshimura, Fullerton Sand Sports, Proarmor, Got tools Racing, Torco oil, Hiper wheels, Nic G Motorsports and Smith optics.

Photos by Kory Ellis

Nic Granlund Wins Big at Round 5 of The Dirt Series

Nic Granlund Fresh off his win in Pro UTV at the last round of the Worcs series, Nic Granlund headed to round five of the Dirt Series held at Perris Raceway. As practice approached, Nic was dialing in a new shock set up provided by Fox racing shocks and he was eager to try it out on the track. With a fresh set of STI Rocktain tires and HD wheels, Nic went out for practice to learn the track and get the car set up finalized. After practice Nic felt confident with the set up of his Polaris RZR XP 900 and with some final tuning of the Yoshimura engine management system Nic's engine was running in top shape.

Due to the increasing numbers of entries at the Dirt series, the 1000cc classes would be split up into separate races. This change allowed Nic to sign up for the 1000cc production class and the 1000cc unlimited class. Now Nic had a full day ahead of him that would consist of competing in four heat races or motos. With the help of Got Tools Racing's Mike Geiger, Nic prepped the starting line and strapped himself into his PRP racing seat for moto one of the 1000cc production UTV class. Nic Granlund

As the gate dropped, Nic grabbed a third-place hole shot quickly making some moves & driving into the lead halfway through the first lap. For the entire race it was just a matter of driving smooth and consistent to take the win in moto one of 1000cc Production UTV.

Next up was the 1000cc unlimited class. In this race Nic knew he would have some tough competition from the high horsepower and bigger engine machines. Again Nic managed a top three start and made his way into the lead to set a comfortable pace and easily take the 1000cc unlimited UTV moto win!

Moto two of the 1000cc production class went pretty much the same as the first race resulting in Nic's third win of the day & the overall win. Nic Granlund

When the gate dropped for the final race of the day in the 1000cc unlimited class, Nic slotted into second place behind the leader and was pressuring him for the first few laps driving a clean race. While Nic was trying make some moves on the leader, he did not want to make any contact. No contact was needed though as the leader had a mechanical issue handing Nic the lead. As the race continued Nic would encounter lapped traffic which would allow some other competitors to catch up. With five UTVs scrambling for the same position on the track, there was some confusion and some drivers missed an obstacle on the course which allowed them to take the lead. Although Nic crossed the finish line in second, after video review confirming the incident of the missed obstacle, Nic was awarded the moto win and the overall for Round 5 of The Dirt Series.

Nic Granlund Nic had a flawless day by winning the overall in both the 1000cc Production class and the 1000cc Unlimited class and all four Moto's he entered at round five of the Dirt series.

Nic is working hard and looking forward to more great results at the next round of the work series in Glen Helen, California.

As always, none of this would be possible without the great support from all of Nic's sponsors: Fox Racing Shox, STI Tire and Wheel, Yoshimura Racing, Cognito Motorsports, Polaris, Got Tools Racing, Torco Lubricants, Moto-Active, Nic G Motorsports, PRP Seats, Triumph Motorsports, Summers Brothers Axles.

Nic would also like to thank his family and pit crew for all of their help and support.

Nic Granlund podiums at round 5 and 6 of the WORCS series

Nic Granlund Nic Granlund Round 5

Coming off of his round 4 win at Speedworld Nic was excited about repeating his performance for round 5 at Race Town 395.

Eager to try out his new Lone Star suspension and upgraded Fox Shox, Nic bolted on a new set of STI tires and headed down to California for the race.

After getting his car dialed in to the track he was ready for the race. Managing a second place hole-shot Nic quickly made some moves and got into the lead before the end of the MX section. As Nic set a good pace out front maintaining a significant lead and keeping an eye on his nearest competitors, Nic cruised to what everyone thought was a solid win. Nic Granlund

After the results were posted Nic noticed he had finished in second place due to a time correction of a competitor coming off the second row that started a minute behind. In the end Nic never knew there was anyone competing for the lead as he could have pushed the pace to secure the victory. Still, second place was very acceptable considering this was only Nic's fourth ever UTV race.

Round 6

Round 6 at On The Edge Raceway in Utah was quickly approaching and Nic was doing some final testing when he noticed a crack in the rear differential. With the help of Got Tools Racing's Mike Geiger and Ted "Shred" Kovacevich putting in long hours, they were able to get Nic's car ready to go the night before heading to Utah. Nic Granlund

The WORCS crew had laid out a challenging course with lots of trees, an amazing amount of rocks and two water crossings that made the course resemble a cross-country race more than a off-road race. After some adjustments to the Fox Shox, STI tires, checking the nuts and bolts on his Dragonfire exhaust and a liberal dose of Torco fluids, Nic was now ready to tackle the rough Utah WORCS course.

Considering it was Father's Day weekend, Nic was excited to have his son and parents there to cheer him on. Nic's pit crew, Mike and Ted had also brought their families to Utah, making it a complete family weekend. As the green flag dropped Nic came out of the first turn in third place. After turn two was a tough rhythm section. Nic was pushing for second place heading toward turn three through the rhythm section when another competitor hit Nic, forcing him over the berm and off the track. As Nic made his way back onto the course he was now battling for seventh place. Settling into a good pace Nic was trying to keep the mistakes down as the dust made it very difficult to see the trees and rocks that lined the edge of the challenging WORCS course. Nic made some strategic passes on his competitors and that combined with the rough course claiming some victims, Nic now found himself in second place. Nic Granlund

By the time Nic had made his way around to the third lap, the leader had over a 30 second advantage. Nic was now barely able to see the dust of his first place competion and that was when Nic decided to push the pace and started to make up time. Each lap Nic was able to gain time on the leader and by the time the time white flag was displayed, Nic had closed the gap to 7 seconds. With one lap to go, Nic was pushing even harder and started to make up more time on the leader. Coming out of the second water crossing Nic was right on his tail and continued to push it as hard as he could knowing the finish line was getting close. With three turns to go the leader and Nic had caught a lapper, making things interesting. Nic kept trying and pulled alongside the leader several times in the last few turns making what was certainly the most exciting race of the weekend. When the checkered flag dropped Nic was less than half a car from taking the win resulting in a second place finish.

With two more rounds remaining, Nic is planning to stay on the podium and rounding out the season in the winners circle.

Nic would again like to thank his pit crew Mike and Ted for their dedication and hard work.

Without sponsors Nic would not have the opportunity to be competitive, so at big thanks goes out to.

Fox racing shocks, STI tires and wheels,Torco oil, NGR, Got Tools Racing, Swick racing products, Dragonfire racing, Moto Active, Triumph Motorsport, Lone Star Racing, Weller racing, CT racing, Holtz, AME grips,QuadTech, Fasst,

All photos by Tedshred

Nic Granlund back on top

Nic Granlund In only his third ever SXS race Granlund claims his first victory beating 17 other competitors in the super competitive SXS production 850 class at Round four of the Worcs racing series in surprise Arizona.

As Nic is beginning a new venture into the SXS world he has chosen the Worcs series to hone his driving skills. The Worcs series has grown tremendously in the UTV market, At round two it was almost a total of 70 entries between the classes. After not competing in round one due to not having a UTV to race, Nic chose to begin at round two in Primm Nevada.

Beginning by complying to all the safety rules including a pro-armor five point harness and racing a completely stock RZR's with the exception of a set of Fox's 2.0 racing shox, Nic was ready to go racing .

After finishing an impressive fourth place in his first ever SXS race Nic was looking forward to the new challenge.

As round three at crazy horse campgrounds in Lake Havasu came around Nic was still learning about the car. Nic Granlund

At this point Nic was pleased to start working with STI tires and wheels as it will be a great relationship for the season.

After breaking a belt in testing Nic decided to upgrade the clutch system. After some broken parts Nic drove to round three with a car in pieces.

Thanks to some fellow competitors and the great crew at Dragonfire racing allowing Nic to borrow some parts from them so that he could compete in the race, Nic's pit crew, Mike G and Ted K worked feverishly to get the car ready for the race.

Nic Granlund As the race started Nic was running in fifth place and made some moves and managed to get into third place. As the first lap was coming to an end Nic got caught in a unexpected rut and rolled a car over on its side.

While other competitors drove by some spectators came to assist and rolled the car back onto its wheels. At this point Nic put the hammer down and drove as smooth and hard as he could making up time and finishing a respectable fifth place.

As round four was getting closer Nic decided to do some engine upgrades to be more competitive. Nic contacted longtime sponsor CT racing to come up with a game plan, Between NGR ( Nic Granlund Racing) and CT a great package was selected. To finish it off a Dragonfire exhaust system was installed.

Nic Granlund In the week prior Mike G with got tools racing was an incredible help in getting the car ready for round four of the works racing series.

Heading to the race with some brand-new STI tires and bead- lock wheels and fresh Torco synthetic oil in the engine Nic was excited for the weekend.

During Friday's practice Nic was geting the car dialed in and with the great help from Rick at the Fox shox trackside support did some final tuning on the shocks.

"Race day"
When the green flag drops Nic goes into the first turn in fourth position, Then within the next few turns Nic moves in to third place. The course was over 6 miles with lots of tight turns and fast straightaways, In the back section the leader made a mistake and sliped back to 3rd . Nic Granlund

Nic was now in second the as new leader pulled a slight advantage, Nic put his head down and made up some great time, coming into the MX section Nic was right on the rear bumper of the leading car, A short while later Nic made a move and took over the lead. At that point Nic's Dragonfire racing teammate in the 999 drove hard and aggressively to take over the lead.

As the leader was pushing hard, Nic was keeping a steady and controlled pace.

Coming back into the MX-section the 999 car had pulled a few seconds advantage but then suffered a mechanical failure and Nic assumed the lead again. Over the next few laps the Fox 2.0 Shox and STI Black Diamond tires worked great as Nic drove mistake free and had a great flow going.

As the final lap was ending Nic made no mistakes and cruised to take the win.

To finish off a great weekend Nic decided to race his quad in the 40+ A/Expert ATV class on Sunday.

The race went off without a hitch and Nic took first place in the 40+ class, Also managing to beat all of the 30+ A riders whom started 30 sec ahead.

All photos by Jill Teixeira
Nic would like to thank Mike Geiger for all his help before, during and after the races.
Nic would also like to thank his sponsors.
NGR , Fox racing shox, STI tires and wheels, Torco oil, Dragonfire racing, Lone Star racing, Got tools racing, CT racing, Motoactive, Swick,
Skat-Trak, Weller racing, Triumph motorsports,Quad tech,Hinson,

Greg Stuart and Nic Granlund Go Into the Record Books with 3 Peat Win at BITD Vegas to Reno

Greg Stuart coming in to pit 2 Greg Stuart and Nic Granlund prepared for the 2010 Best in the Desert Vegas To Reno with some final testing in Barstow. With Nic just coming off an injury, they were both eager to see how the test would go. After a few hour of tuning the Fox Racing Shox on the CT powered desert quad it was apparent that It, Greg and Nic were ready for action. After Tech and the drivers meeting on Thursday evening the team headed to Beatty to get ready for the race on Friday.
Greg left the start 3rd in line at 6am. As Greg set out for the 534 mile race he made quick work of the teams in front of him. When Greg had worked up a 5 minute lead when he got to pit 2 where he handed the quad off to Nic.

As Nic grabbed on to the AME grips he was back in action for his first race in 6 months. Nic set out for a 2 pit section and within a 1\4 mile it was full speed ahead. At this point the only dust was from the dirt bikes that started in front of the quad class. Nic slowly and cautiously passed several bikes and had a solid run to pit 4.

Nic Granlund Working through traffic When Nic gave Greg the quad at pit 4 they had extended the lead so Greg could continue a fast and safe pace to pit 6. Nic got back on at pit 6, but just before pit 8 there was some extremely rocky sections that caused a slight vibration from the rear of the quad. When Nic hit pit 8 the great pit crew did a double rear tire swap mounting a new set of Maxxis tires on DWT beadlock wheels that would last the remainder of the race.

Greg left the pit and every thing was perfect again. At this time there were no other quad teams in sight. It was business as usual picking their way trough the dirt bikes. Swapping briefly to Nic for a short run and then Greg got back on at pit 13 for a 69 mile run past a remote pit.
When Greg got to pit 14, Our pit crew of Mark and Mike filled up the IMS tank, gave the quad a quick once over, checked the Torco oil, gave Greg thumbs up and he roosted away.

quad racer When Greg handed the Skat-Trak race quad over to Nic at pit 15 for the final 76 miles to the finish, the CT powered quad was still pulling strong. At this point the team was unsure of how big the lead was because they had not seen another quad team for hours. Leaving pit 15 was a fast 29 miles to the last pit with no problems.

This was the first time in the race that they did not catch or pass any bikes as they had moved pretty far up in the overall standings. Coming into pit 16 Nic was greeted by Alan and after a gas and go, everything looked great for the final 46 miles to the finish. Up to that point most of the race course had been grated and was fairly smooth, but the last 46 miles was probably the roughest and rockiest part of the race course. As Nic climbed over the final mountain pass also known as the “rock garden” he was thankful of the Fox Racing Shox and the Fasst Flex handle bars smoothing out the ride.

When Nic pulled in to the finish he was greeted by Casey and Diane from Best in the Desert congratulating the team on the win. It was an exciting day announcing a 3peat Vegas to Reno victory! It is the first time in the history of the race that someone has won 3 years in a row. Nic Granlund catching some air

In conclusion, it was a flawless race as Nic Granlund and Greg Stuart completed the 534 mile race in 10:26 minutes averaging over 51mph, 35 minutes ahead of the second place team of David and Cody. Granlund and Stuart made their way to 8th overall of bikes and quads.
A special mention goes out to Greg as he stopped to help a severely injured rider for almost 10 minutes while leading the race, Giving up several positions on the course. The Ken Stuart prepared Skat-Trak quad held together perfectly.
Greg Stuart and Nic Granlund would like to thank their pit crew for all the hard work they put in to make this a successful race.

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