lance root

Lance Root

Torco products used: Engine: SR-5r 20W-50

Our Race Season
This past weekend we had a double header. On Saturday we qualified 7th out of 18 and had some tough competition. We started the race and battled for several laps and ended up in 5th place, a pretty solid top 5. Sunday started out really strong, we got two laps in and both motor mounts broke, but was able to salvage #9 qualifier. There were 7 cars one-tenth of a second apart, tore the car down to get to the motor mounts, tig welded them up, and was able to get the car back together 10 minutes before the race. We started out in 9th and battled hard, the field was tough, everyone was on their game. I kept pushing and got around a couple cars with 2 laps to go and got around 4 more cars to end up on the podium with a 3rd place finish. Not a bad way to end the year!

Thanks again for all the support, Lance Root

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