Jason Aguilar

Jason Aguilar

Torco products used: Engine: T-4SR 5w30, FFO • Trans MTF-R 80W

Jason Aguilar Jason Aguilar Jason Aguilar
Jason Aguilar Jason Aguilar Jason Aguilar

July 9, 2017 - RIDERZLAW/AGUILAR RACING WINS AT LAGUNA SECA - photo courtesy of Brian J. Nelson

Jason Aguilar

Last year, Jason Aguilar came into Laguna following a podium at Utah while riding with a foot that was broken in 5 places. For Laguna, the foot was plated and stitched just days before to allow him to ride with more weight on the foot than he could utilize at Utah. While having to walk with crutches, Jason could still ride. He put the repairs to good use, qualifying 3rd. Feeling like he had the pace to stay with the leaders, Jason set out in Sunday morning’s pre-race warmup to put down some fast laps. It never happened as Jason crashed in the Corkscrew, knocking himself out, ripping the stitches out of his surgically repaired foot, exposing the wound, and ending his race weekend too early as he left the track in an ambulance.

That was not how it was supposed to end. You see, it all started at Laguna Seca back in 2005. Jason was a big Nicky Hayden fan and had been following him since AMA Superbike. Nicky was due for a MotoGP win, and would never have a better chance than MotoGP’s first trip back to the U.S. and Laguna Seca in many years. Jason’s grandfather had bought him tickets for the race and Jason was elated to see Nicky dominate the weekend with pole position and his first MotoGP victory. As Jason was walking out of the Turn 4 grandstands with his grandfather, he looked up and told him “This has been the best day of my life.” Ever since, Jason dreamed that someday he would be on top of the podium at Laguna Seca.

Arriving at Laguna Seca for the World Superbike/MotoAmerica event races this year, Jason was coming off a double win in MotoAmerica Superstock 600 that vaulted him into the Championship points lead. Jason was fast in practice, but really wanted pole position, which has eluded him in his professional career. This time, Jason laid down a scorching lap time early and was leading the Superstock 600 qualifying until the last few seconds when he was pipped by just 22 thousandths of a second. While disappointed at missing class pole position, Jason was still starting from the 2nd position in class. Jason Aguilar

At the start of the race, Jason kept his qualifying position of 2nd for the first few laps. At the end of the fourth lap, the class leader made a slight error in the final corner and dropped back several positions. That was all the opportunity Jason needed as he grabbed the lead and rode a solid race to bring home the win by 1.3 seconds. The win extended Jason’s points lead to 21 points going into the next MotoAmerica round at Sonoma Raceway August 11-13.

Jason Aguilar: "Coming into the Laguna Seca race weekend I was very excited from getting back to back wins at Utah Motorsports Campus and landing my new title sponsor, RiderzLaw, for the rest of the season. I was able to be at the front of the field every session and just missed out on qualifying pole position. In the race, I had great pace and was able to run consistent laps that brought me home to another first place finish. I couldn't be more stoked the way things are going so far and I'm hoping to keep improving every round. Big thanks to all my sponsors and especially RiderzLaw for joining me throughout the rest of the season now. Can't wait for the next round at Sonoma!"

June 4, 2017 - Aguilar Racing Has Up and Down Weekend at Road America (photo courtesy of Brian J Nelson)

Jason Aguilar

Aguilar Racing’s Jason Aguilar brought momentum into Road America from a 2nd place finish in the MotoAmerica Superstock 600 Race 2 at VIR, and fastest lap at Pittsburgh International Race Complex during MotoAmerica Dunlop Tire testing. In Friday practice, most of the first session was spent exorcizing the electrical gremlins that plagued the team at Pittsburgh. Toward the end of the session, the problem was solved and Jason got in 3 laps before then session ended with him in 9th place in his class.
The second practice session saw Jason return to form as the team got to work on a good setup for the track. Jason ended the session in 5th place.
Saturday morning’s qualifying session saw a big change. Rain! Jason has struggled in the rain during the last 2 seasons, but he has been working hard on preparing himself on getting experience, and becoming comfortable in the rain. The hard work is paying off with Jason qualifying second this time.
Saturday’s race was declared a wet race. Jason was in 4th place for much of the race, but made a move into 3rd place at the start of the final lap. A small mistake on the final lap saw Jason run off track and miss out on 3rd place by 25 thousandths of a second. The 4th place finish moved Jason into 2nd place in Championship points and just 4 points behind the points leader.

Sunday morning warmup was sunny and dry, and saw Jason finish the session in 2nd place, just one tenth of a second behind the fastest rider. Jason was ready for a strong Race 2.

Jason Aguilar Jason got a decent start, but got pushed wide in a corner and lost a couple of positions on the first lap. Entering the final corner, Jason felt the front end start to slide out. Jason tried to save it, but had to straighten up and run off track. With the wall coming up fast as he rode through the gravel, Jason had to lay the bike down to avoid hitting the wall. Jason quickly picked the bike up and started back toward the track. But by the time he got back to the finish line ending his first of eleven laps, he was over 52 seconds behind and in dead last position. Jason started laying down a string of fast laps. By lap 5, he caught and passed 3 riders. On lap 9, he was closing in on a position that could earn some Championship points. Passing 3 more riders on the penultimate lap, and 2 more on the final lap, Jason salvaged a 13th place finish and earned 3 valuable Championship points.

While the race was a disappointment, Jason is only 11 points behind the Championship points leader now heading into Utah Motorsports Campus where Jason finished on the podium last year with a badly broken foot. Better results are expected this time.

“I can’t wait to get to Utah. My Aguilar Racing Yamaha R6 was really fact this weekend, but I struggled to get a comfortable race setup as we lost setup time with some electrical issues that carried over from Pittsburgh. Rain also cut into time that could have been used to get a better dry setup for Sunday, but that’s racing. We will come back strong at Utah.” - Jason Aguilar

May 15, 2017 - Aguilar Racing Back on The Podium at VIR ( photo courtesy of Brian J Nelson)

Jason Aguilar

Aguilar Racing’s Jason Aguilar overcame qualifying problems to get back on the podium at VIR. Rain and wet conditions did not provide any time to work on dry race settings on Friday, and at the beginning of qualifying Saturday morning. As the track dried during qualifying, all the riders came in to switch to dry race tires to get the best lap time for the conditions. When Jason came in, one of his mechanics had a tool break that resulted in a lengthy delay getting the wheels changed to dry race tires on his 2017 Yamaha YZF-R6. The delay left Jason without enough time to get in a fast lap, and a disappointing overall qualifying position of 17th on the grid. Coming into the race, Jason was tied for 2nd in points for the Superstock 600 Championship. With Jason’s main competition qualifying in the top 3 Superstock 600 positions, Jason would be starting the races with a big disadvantage.

By Saturday’s race time, the track had dried and the racers were ready for battle. Jason did not get a good launch, dropping several positions on the first lap. The poor start put Aguilar Racing’s hopes for a Championship in serious doubt as the main competitors were battling up front for the lead at the end of the first lap, while Jason was 19th. By lap 2 Jason started rolling through the field. Halfway through the race, Jason had moved up to 6th in the Superstock 600 class. With 2 laps to go. Jason had moved into 5th. Pushing hard, Jason moved into 2nd place at the start of the final lap. A mistake in Turn 3 sent Jason off track. He recovered quickly, but came up just short of 2nd place by 0.187 seconds and a disappointing 4th place. Jason Aguilar

“Started way back and worked my way up to 2nd, but made a mistake last lap and ended up 4th today. Hoping for no mistakes tomorrow” stated Jason.

Jason was fast in Sunday’s morning warm up, finishing 3rd in class for the session. In Race 2, Jason got a good start and by the end of the first lap, had moved into 5th place, but was still several seconds behind the class leaders. On lap 8, Jason made the move into 4th place. It took 3 more laps to catch the 3rd place rider and move back into podium position. Jason was now stalking the 2nd place rider and, with 2 laps to go, moved into 2nd place. On the final lap, Jason pushed hard and stayed focused to stay in second place this time.

Aguilar Racing is now in 3rd place in the Championship, and 17 points back of the lead. The team is headed to Pittsburg for tire testing this week, and then Road America next week where Jason got his first professional podium, and podiumed last year too. It is shaping up to be a real battle for the championship, with several riders already showing the pace to run up front and win races. “After a rough qualifying session, I am glad I could keep in the points battle and get back on the podium. I am looking forward to Road America, a track that I really enjoy, with some of the best fans in racing.”

May 1, 2017 Aguilar Racing Debuts with a MotoAmerica Double Podium Weekend ( photo courtesy of Brian J Nelson)

Jason Aguilar

Aguilar Racing’s Jason Aguilar had a successful debut as a Team Owner with his best MotoAmerica performance to date this past weekend at Road Atlanta. With a 2nd Place finish on Saturday, followed by a 3rd place finish on Sunday, Jason is tied for 2nd Place in points for the 2017 MotoAmerica Superstock 600 Championship, as the team heads to Virginia International Raceway for the next round, May 12-14.

The newly formed Aguilar Racing team consists of mechanics Blair Ramey and Chris Waters, with 20 year old Jason Aguilar as Team Owner/Rider. The Team added to their challenges by campaigning a brand new bike this season: the 2017 Yamaha YZF-R6. “I have to thank Chuck Graves and Shane from Graves Motorsports for all their help in getting me whatever I needed to get the new R6 built in time. Big thanks to Ollie from Graves for the motor build. I had the fastest trap speeds in Race 1 and was consistently fast in Race 2. Also, thanks to Keaton from Graves for technical assistance during the race weekend.“

It took a massive effort to get the bike prepared in time for the first MotoAmerica Superstock 600 race. “We have been putting in some long days and late nights to get everything ready”, stated Jason. “We were finishing the bike as the truck was being loaded. It has been a monumental task to secure sponsorships, funding, parts and spares, all the equipment a team needs at the track, travel arrangements, lodging and rental cars.”

Jason Aguilar Once out on the track though, the new Yamaha started to show its potential. The first practice had Jason 5th fastest in his group for Superstock 600, then improving to 4th in Friday’s second practice. Saturday morning the improvements resulted in a 2nd Place qualifying position. Saturday’s race was interrupted by a red flag that required a restart. On the restart, Jason found himself in 3rd place, stalking the rider in front of him until the final lap when he made a draft pass down the back straight for 2nd Place, his best MotoAmerica finish to date.

On Sunday, Jason was in 2nd place early, but lost several positions in a multi-rider battle for position. With a couple of laps to go, Jason again found himself in 3rd place right behind the same rider he passed in Race 1. Coming out of Turn 7 onto the back straight, Jason caught a false neutral and lost his drive, eliminating his chance for another pass for 2nd place and having to battle to retain 3rd Place.

“I have to be happy leaving the first race weekend tied for second place in points, but now that I got a second, I know I have the potential to do more, and the new Yamaha R6 has tremendous potential. I hope to realize that potential at VIR, where I was on the podium last year.”

Aug 9, 2015

Tuned Racing

All Three Tuned Racing Riders, Alexander, Prince, and Aguilar, Race Together In Supersport At Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Based on their success in the MotoAmerica Superstock 600 class, Bryce Prince and Jason Aguilar were among a handful of riders who were invited to move up to the Supersport Class for the MotoGP/MotoAmerica races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The two riders joined their teammate, Corey Alexander, to race together for the first time.

MotoAmerica’s Supersport class is perhaps its most competitive class. Competitors included a former AMA Superbike Champion, a former AMA Superbike podium regular, several former AMA Champions, six Red Bull Rookies Cup participants including 2 Bull Rookies Cup Champions, some 10-season AMA veteran racers, and riders who came to MotoAmerica with national championships from their home countries. This field was deep with talent!

The race presented challenges for the team, as the invitations were received a couple of weeks before the race. The Superstock class allows more motor modifications than the Superstock 600 class, and those mods are necessary to be competitive. Team Owner Mike Pond scrambled to source proper cylinder heads in time so that Bryce and Jason could have bikes that were capable of running with the regular Supersport competitors. Work was completed at the track to finish preparation to make the bikes race ready.

Due to the combined schedules of MotoGP and MotoAmerica, track time was compressed into a single practice session, a single qualifying session, a warm-up before the race, and a single race. Unfortunately, the first practice session was wet, so valuable time was lost that was needed to get a good race suspension set-up on a track that was new to the team. Qualifying was difficult with Supersport regular Corey leading the team with 12th place on the grid, followed by Bryce and Jason at 15th and 16th respectively.

Tuned Racing At the start of the race, Bryce and Jason were able to improve their positions, but Corey was having problems with setup changes that were not working for him. A red flag stopped the race which gave Corey a second chance. On the restart, all 3 riders were able to improve their positions. The race ended with Bryce in 8th place, Corey in 9th, and Jason in 11th.

Jason stated “MotoAmerica round 8 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a tough weekend for me. I got invited to race up a class with the Supersport field for the shared MotoGP/MotoAmerica race weekend. We started out the weekend with a rain session Thursday afternoon. For some reason I still struggle horribly in the rain so we lost some valuable setup time from that session and I lost some confidence in my own riding. Next up was our 30 minute qualifying session, which was going to be our first session to be able to really setup the bike. We still struggled getting the right setup, and I was struggling to learn the track. I capped off qualifying in a disappointing 16th place. In the first start of the race, I got a decent start and worked my way up to 14th place, setting my fastest time of the weekend with a 1:42.4 before the red flag came out. The first lap of the restart was mayhem with bikes going down and riders running wide everywhere. I managed to stay out of trouble with the exception of one incident, and came across the line in a disappointing 11th place. With a little more track time, I feel like we could've got the bike sorted out better, but everyone was in the same situation. I can't thank my team, sponsors, and my dad for giving me the opportunity to race in front of a MotoGP crowd. Also, big thanks to Lee’s Cycles for building me a race cylinder head on short notice that was capable of running with the top bikes out there. I'm motivated to get back on track in New Jersey!”

July 19, 2015 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Tuned Racing

Bryce Prince Caps A Solid Weekend For Tuned Racing With The Team’s 5th Consecutive Superstock 600 Podium

The Superstock 600 Race on Saturday was the first race of the World Superbike/MotoAmerica races at Laguna Seca. With qualifying positions 3 and 4 for Bryce Prince and Jason Aguilar, expectations were running high. The start of the race saw Bryce battling for 1st with Joe Roberts and Jason battling for 3rd. As the race progressed, Jason opened a gap of 1.5 seconds over the 4th place rider. Halfway through the race, Bryce was still right behind Joe, but Michael Gilbert was slowly reeling Jason in. Finally, Michael got by Jason in the corkscrew, but Jason was keeping Michael close. However, the Tuned Racing riders were not able to advance their positions, finishing in 2nd and 4th place.

Bryce commented: “Going into Laguna, I was very excited as it is one of my favorite tracks. On Thursday, I had to install a fresh engine and we were ready to go for practice. I was determined to get out there quickly due to the limited track time we have with WSBK. On the first day, we just got the setup dialed in running in the top 3 the entire time. Come Saturday morning, it was final qualifying, and I was able to end up P3. I knew I had a lot more speed, I just couldn't get a clean lap in qualifying, so I was confident for the race. We made a small suspension change which made the bike corner a little tighter for the race. I got a great start, running P3 on lap one right behind Joe Roberts. We started to gap the riders behind us, leaving the lead battle for just me and Joe. I was stalking Joe and could see he was struggling with grip. I planned on waiting till the last lap to make a pass coming down the corkscrew, but a lapped rider ruined my chances. He got a good drive to the line and I had no way to make the move. It was a great race, and I cannot thank my whole Tuned Racing crew enough. We now have 4 podiums in a row, and I am looking forward to being able to race at Indy with the Supersport Class!” Bryce Prince

Jason added: “Had a decent weekend at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for MotoAmerica round 6. Started off with a good qualifying Saturday morning, putting me 4th place on the grid. I got a great start in the race and was running a solid 3rd place for most of the race. Then, towards about halfway, I started making mistakes like running wide in turns 2 and 5 almost every lap, and rear-end traction started fading fast. I knew we didn't get the bike setup right, so I was trying to ride around the problems but that just made it worse. Eventually, I got passed and was back in 4th place. I stayed on third place for a while but on the second to last lap I got tangled with some lappers and that was the end of my podium shot. A little disappointed with how the result went but I have a plan for next race to make myself and the bike better. Thanks to my team, all the fans that came out to support us, and all of my sponsors for all their support! Can't wait for next round!”

The Supersport race ran late Sunday afternoon. Cory Alexander started from 10th, and quickly moved up while battling for 7th place with 2 other riders. Corey eventually finished 8th in a very tight battle.

Jason Aguilar, Jeremy Lasater, Bryce Prince Corey stated: “Laguna Seca is one of my favorite tracks to ride at simply because there is nowhere else like it in the world. With that said, I was very excited to ride here again! We started off the weekend quite well and closer to the front than we’ve been all year. Unfortunately, I got bumped to the back of a very tight top ten for qualifying which hurt us a bit at the race start. I am happy to say we have found a set up that works well for me with the R6. In the race I struggled with a few issues but got into a good battle for 7th place with some fellow riders. It made the race interesting, though I think we had the potential to run in the top five. We are still making baby steps towards the front group which is frustrating because as I said, I think we can race with those top 5 guys. Coming onto a new bike and new team this season I’m happy with our progress thus far, and it leaves me very excited to head to Indy followed by my home round at Jersey where I think we will really make a statement. My lead mechanic had to step into more of a crew chief role this weekend acting as a 1 man crew so I have to give a huge thanks to him; Thanks Tim for doing a great job as always! I also have to give a huge thanks to the team for working hard back at the shop and at the track to give me a great bike. I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact that I may just be a little bit too big for a 600, but they keep working harder and harder to give me a better bike. Also, big thanks to all of my personal sponsors and the team sponsors!

Team Owner Mike Pond summed it up: "It was great seeing all of the familiar faces at Laguna Seca. We had a great time at our home track with lots of friends and family, and new fans in attendance. All of the Tuned Racing riders rode well and represented the team with class. My superstock riders Bryce Prince and Jason Aguilar are on fire! They have been riding hard, and putting us in the top 4 on a regular basis. Bryce came into this round with the most confidence I have ever seen, and it showed, putting us on the podium for the fourth time in a row. That's right for the last 5 races we have been on the podium 5 times! I could not be more proud. Coming into this weekend I was a little worried because we had some staff cancel on us last minute, but the team pulled together and made it happen."

Jan 20, 2015 Tuned Racing Racks Up Six Wins at Chuckwalla Valley Racing Association

Tuned Racing

Bryce Prince came away with 2 podium finishes at the MotoAmerica round at Miller Motorsports Park. Bryce qualified 2nd in Saturday's second qualifying session, giving him a front row start for both Superstock 600 races. In the first race on Saturday, Bryce got a good launch, but was not able to hold his lead going into the first turn. Bryce, and his teammate Jason Aguilar, battled for the first half of the race for 3rd place until the race was red flagged for a downed rider. On the restart, Bryce got a good start and was able to stay with the leaders until the finish, taking 3rd Place and his second consecutive podium finish On Sunday, Bryce started a new winning streak, taking another win in SuperSport Middleweight. The Middleweight Shootout resulted in a 1-2 finish with Prince taking the win and Aguilar taking 2nd. Bryce Prince's 1:47.085 laptime in the Shootout gives him the lap record in both directions for the Middleweight Shootout. Bryce capped a perfect day by winning the Formula Middleweight race.

Bryce’s strong results elevated him to1st Place in the Overall Championship, with commanding leads in 600 Superbike, Open Superbike, and Formula 1 Championships. Bryce will have the chance to earn the Number 1 plate at the Season Finale next month at Big Willow.

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