oscar jakson jr. racing

Oscar Jackson Jr. Racing

Torco products used: Engine: SR-5R Transmission: RTF , SGO 75W-90

Lasernut Racing Norco, CA (Jun. 2018)

Oscar Jackson Jr wins his third championship in a row with Torco Oils. He won driving his Ford Fiesta B-Spec at SCCA Runoffs in Sonoma.

We put the 1.6 liter Jackson Racing Miata on track this past weekend at Laguna Seca for its maiden voyage at the Miatas at Laguna Seca Festival. Considering this car hadn't turned a tire in almost 7 yrs from the previous owner just leaving it to rot and then my delay in getting it finished the car worked beautifully. I thought the car worked very well and it will only get better from here. It was so good, two of our competitors didn't even put their 1.6 liter Miatas on track after seeing the performance of the Jackson Racing Miata and myself driving it on the opening morning.

We really didn't know what to expect as the car/engine had an indicated 170,000 miles on the odometer and the previous owner had questionable maintenance records. But we pushed forward with the supercharger install after the engine leak down and base dyno tests showed good performance. We ran Torco SR-5 5w/40 through the car during initial dyno testing to get the old varnish out of the car, then changed the oil to the same SR-5 5w/40 before the event. For this event we simply installed our base supercharger kit raising the horsepower from 93whp to 160whp. We mounted some used shocks/springs donated by while our "works" set up from KW suspension in Germany is being completed. The car rolled on 15 x 9" wheels and a used set of 225/45-15 tires as our race tires didn't arrive before the race. As you can see we were not going to miss this race even if we had to race the car on used shocks/spring and used tires. This car was going to be on-track for this event.

You've been around racing long enough to figure out there were a lot of late nights getting this car completed but it came together well. We raced the car hard for two solid days and the only work we did to it was to do a little cooling system bleeding to cure a small engine temp problem and adjusted the chassis ride height and toe settings. Other than that it was great.

With this event successfully complete we will now go through my notes and make improvements to some small issues from the weekend. The next step will be more boost and more power. I also think an engine oil cooler is next on our list, as the temps started to get over 280°F. Our "works" suspension should be here by the end of April as should our new race tires. Our next event should be very interesting.

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