Cook Off-Road Racing

Cook Off-Road Racing

Torco products used: Engine: SR-5R 5W50 • Trans RTF

SCORE Imperial Valley 250

Cook Off-Road Racing Coming off the teams first finish of the year at the the Best in the Desert Vegas 2 Reno race the team headed south to El Centro for the SCORE Imperial Valley 250. For the team race preparation began immediately upon arriving home from Vegas 2 Reno. Major repairs and changes were made to the Polaris / Fabwerx chassis. During post race inspection numerous chassis failures were found to the front end, the team spent extra time to reinforce the pivot mounts and rear radius rod supports.

The team headed down to the Imperial Valley Wednesday night to allow plenty of time to acclimate to the heat. First item of business was to get the #1930 out into the desert for some shake down testing. As the team starting making some runs across the desert it became evident that their overheating issues experienced at Vegas 2 Reno were still happening. The team made some changes to the radiator shroud and were able to bring some much needed cooling back. To say it was hot was an understatement, when the team returned to the hotel the air temp was 110, but the ground temp was holding steady at 132, but hey it's a dry heat! Friday was tech and registration and in typical Cook Racing fashion driver Sean Cook had the team convinced they needed to be at tech at 0600, they were the only ones there at 0600, but then again they were first in line and first out of tech. Tech was a piece of cake all mandatory items were in place on the race vehicle a few last minute stickers were added and now it was time to head back to the hotel and float in the pool until the drivers meeting.

Cook Off-Road Racing 0330 came early on Saturday but Sean had the team up and running on all cylinders in no time, the adrenaline or maybe it was the cool refreshing taste of the ice cold SPEED Energy ( I know a tasteless product plug but what can we say) was kicking in. The team had the 1930 on the starting line for their 0609 appointment with the green flag, when the flag dropped it was a drag race into the first corner with the turbo powered Can Am of the Murray bros. Sean decided it was to early to push the Polaris so he settled into his race pace and followed the Can Am into the darkness. The #1930 SPEED Energy / Polaris Villahermosa UTV was working great no real issues to be concerned with until they hit the sand dunes, this uphill monster proved to be quite ?a challenge for Sean and co driver Steve Medley, as they negotiated across the dunes the temp readings were starting to climb so much so that the car switched into limp mode causing Sean to have to bring the car to a stop while it cooled down. After a brief rest the temps were down enough for them to continue on. At about mile marker 29 while traversing one of the lake beds Sean felt the car start pulling hard to the left, he thought either a tire was down or an axle problem. Sean pulled the car off the track and Steve jumped out to assess the situation, the report to Sean was drivers side inner CV was destroyed, passenger side not much better boot was gone no grease but still in place. Sean elected to drive the car about a mile to the road crossing to make repairs.

Cook Off-Road Racing MM 30 Sean pulls the car over to make repairs, no sooner does he pull over and who should pull in right next to them none other than their good friend Alonzo Lopez driving the #1949, Alonzo was suffering from injector issues. Sean and Steve made the necessary repairs to the #1930 but after the amazing assistance given to Sean by Alonzo at the Mint 400 Sean knew he could not leave his friend stranded. Sean and Steve helped out and waited for Alonzo to get up and running and they were going to follow him into the next pit. When it was time to leave Alonzo fired up the 1949 hit the afterburners and in a cloud of dust he was gone, well so much for following him in Sean thought. So after a few miles of getting back into race mode Sean and Steve came upon an ambulance on course the driver did not seem to be in any type of hurry just out watching the cars go by it was about 2 miles later the Sean realized why the ambulance was there, Sean came upon a motorcyclist who was down with serious injuries. Fellow UTV drivers Cory Sappington and Johny Angel along with the #1980 were already on scene lending first aid. On a side note for all, amongst the UTV class you might hear about a lot of in class anger amongst some of the drivers, but I could not have been more proud when I pulled over and saw Johny and Cory showing what great and caring competitors we truly have in the 1900 class way to go guys! And back to racing, Johny advised Sean that all was well and for Sean to continue on.

Cook Off-Road Racing Sean and Steve made it to the road where the chase team was waiting to make needed repairs to the axles. Sean pulled the car in and repairs were made before they new it they were off into the desert heat and dust, oh by the way Alonzo seemed to disappear never to be seen again until after the race perched under his umbrella drinking an ice cold Tecate! A few miles after needed repairs were made Sean had the #1930 SPEED Energy / Polaris Villahermosa UTV dancing across a rhythm section of whoops when he felt that dreaded pull to the left again. Once again co driver Steve "Minion" Medley jumped out and found that the drivers side axle had snapped, Steve made a quick replacement and the two were off again.

Lap 2 was about upon the team but first a last pit stop was made for fuel and much needed hydration. Sean and Steve were off again on lap 2, Sean was reporting no issues other than the outside temperature was really starting to affect him, Sean was starting to see blue dots from his left eye. The duo hung on and about 3 miles from the finish line Steve told Sean he had a buggy on the left, that was no buggy but none other than Cory Sappington, Sean attempted to start racing Cory to the finish why no one knows, Cory had already passed them, he had already beaten them, maybe it was the heat but Sean soon realized he just needed to finish at this point. Sure enough one last jump, ok maybe it was a little larger jump than Sean had anticipated but none the less the last one the checkered flag flew for the #1930 SPEED Energy / Polaris Villahermosa UTV they were done. Sean pulled the car over the stage and they recieved their finishing pins. I know finishing pins don't sound like much but to a racer who finishes one of these races they are gold!

So to recap on the SCORE Imperial Valley 250, the #1930 SPEED Energy / Polaris Villahermosa suffered no flats on their GBC Kanati Mongrel tires, the King Shocks needed to be adjusted by 2 clicks at the halfway point, the Hellwig sway bars kept the car level and stable throughout the rough course, the Muzzy exhaust stayed quiet, the Dirty Dawg clutch kept the power to the wheels and never lost a Polaris CVT belt. Not to say everything worked perfectly because it's desert racing but we are working very hard with all our sponsors to improve on some slightly weak links. The team is so grateful to all their amazing sponsors who stand behind them and support their effort to be the best they can be.....

06-17-15 El Cajon, CA

Cook Off-Road Racing The team once again traveled south of the border the weekend of June 4th-7th to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico to compete in the SCORE Baja 500. They drew the 17th starting position, which was not exactly where driver Sean Cook was hoping to start this Baja adventure.

The team was joined by some new faces; mainly fellow Polaris racer Lacrecia Buerrier and her husband Eric. The team arrived in Baja on Thursday afternoon and got right down to business. They made a last minute check over of the car and prepared for tech and registration the next day. Thursday evening, drivers Sean Cook and Jesus Leon took the Polaris RZR out into the hills for a little night testing. Both drivers reported no problems with the car; all systems were a go.

Friday morning came early for Sean and his son/co-driver Brendan Cook. The pair headed into Ensenada at 0330 to secure a spot near the front of tech. Even at that early arrival they were still 15th in line for tech. As the sun came up and the crowds gathered, it was time for tech to begin. The team pushed the car through the streets of Ensenada, meeting thousands of fans along the way. They gave out stickers and plenty of great tasting SPEED Energy Drinks. As the morning wore on, the team finally found themselves in tech. The car proceeded through without any problems and by 2pm the team was back at the beach house preparing for the next day, race day.

Saturday morning came early for the team; they were up, loaded and in Ensenada for the start of the race by 0800. Since this was a large loop race the team split up into 3 chase teams. 2 of the teams headed out early and made their way up to mm140 to await the first service on the race vehicle. As the starting order worked its way to the UTV class, the race was halted due to a class 10 vehicle that had lost his brakes right off the starting line causing him to veer into the crowd. After a one hour delay the race was back on. Jesus Leon and co-driver Steve Medley started the race. The two made their way through Ensenada without any issues, but as they approached the outskirts of Ojos Negros they were caught in a backlog of vehicles stuck on the hillside. After another brief delay Jesus piloted the Polaris around the blockage and was back in the race. At about mm30 as the pair was coming into Ojos Negros, Jesus had an issue with a large rock on the passenger side rear. Steve radioed in that they had suffered a broken trailing arm and radius rod. Luckily, Sean, Brendan and Gina were still in Ojos waiting to see the car through. Sean and Brendan were able to locate the race vehicle on the road heading down the hill into Ojos. They hiked into the car and assisted with the repairs needed to get the #1930 back into the race. Once repairs were completed the car raced back into the desert heading north toward the Rumarosa grade. Unfortunately, the car experienced the same failures a few more times throughout the evening and into the early morning hours.

Chase One, with Sean, Gina and Brendan, had made their way around the course and set up their pit at mm240. At 0100 the race vehicle finally rolled into mm240. The team performed their planned service on the car but at about 0115 the weatherman came across the radio advising check point two would be closing at 0130. The team realized that they had only 15 minutes to get the race car almost 30 miles in order to stay in the race. The decision was made to call the race; as difficult as that was, it was the smart thing to do. The team was running out of spares and they could not fully understand the damage that had been caused at the first breakdown. Post race inspection revealed the car must have experienced an impact with a large rock on the passenger rear. The team loaded up the race vehicle and headed back to Ensenada and then headed back to California.

The team is already hard at work making the necessary repairs. The team plans on attending the AVE race in Cal City on July 18, then onto Vegas 2 Reno in August.

March 18, 2014

Cook Off-Road Racing

Best in the Desert Mint 400

Cook Off Road Racing made the journey to Las Vegas last week to participate in the Best in the Desert Mint 400. The team drew the #23rd starting position and driver Sean Cook knew he would have his hands full trying to make it to the front of the pack as well as trying to keep the almost 40 other competitors in his mirror.

The festivities began on Friday when the team began with tech and registration down on historic Fremont St. Co driver Todd Latronica debut his new clothing line Dirty DNA Clothing. The #1930 SPEED Energy UTV was on display in the Dirty DNA booth for all to see. The team spent the day representing all their sponsors and meeting new and old friends. The day ended with drivers attending the drivers meeting for last minute race day instructions. The team headed by crew Chief Jeff Correia headed back to the main pits and performed some last minute adjustments to the Polaris Rzr.
Cook Off-Road Racing
Race day came early Saturday morning, the team had the #1930 SPEED Energy UTV staged and ready to race by 0500 hrs. With 330 entries set to race the team had to sit for awhile awaiting their turn to take the green flag. 0630 hrs and the team finally took the green flag. Driver Jesus Leon and his co driver Colton Cook where off and running across the Nevada desert. All systems were a go as the Polaris Rzr roared into the dust. It was a rare sight to see Owner / Driver Sean Cook in the pits monitoring the progress of his race machine, but new team member Jesus Leon was very capable of taking on the challenge. The team was busy tracking the vehicle progress through the IRC Tracker, the crew was running hard and steady always maintaining about a one to two mile gap with the leader. At about mile marker 40 Jesus started radioing in that he thought he had a spark plug starting to foul, crew chief Jeff Correia made the decision to remove the fuel controller at the alternate pit and see if the problem cleared up. Jesus got the car to alternate pit B where crew members Steve Medley and Carl Meyers made quick work of the repair, unfortunately this did not clear the problem. Jesus was back on course and maintaining a blistering pace speeds reaching 80mph. The problem persisted but very intermittently.
Cook Off-Road Racing
Jesus and Colton finally arrived at the main pit and the scheduled driver change and the 14 gallon fuel dump was under way. Jesus reported to driver Sean Cook that the throttle pedal was unresponsive below 3/4 throttle but ok wide open. Service was completed and driver Sean Cook along with his tested co driver Todd Latronica were off on lap two. Sean stated it was very evident that there was a throttle issue, he had no low end which made it a challenge entering and exiting the corners. On the open runs full throttle was good. Sean made his way through the infield then transitioned into the open desert, about mm 25 the car experienced an outer rear CV joint failure. Sean pulled the car off the track and Todd sprang into action making the necessary axle change. Once Todd was done the car was off and running again, Sean was able to maintain a good pace throughout the course, but as the vehicle neared mm 100 Sean radioed in they were losing power as if it was running out of fuel. At mm 105 the Polaris Rzr came to a stop. Sean tried relentlesly to re light the race car to no avail. During the process of re igniting the car the team suffered a starter failure. Sean stated that while turning the motor over he heard the starter make a noise and then started coming unwound.
Cook Off-Road Racing
As hard as the team had tried they knew their day had come to an end. Sean radioed in to the pits with the news no team wants to hear, he thanked everyone for a job well done but today just was not their day!

As Sean and Todd were basking in the sun out at the location of the car, they were treated with some great UTV racing unfold as the leaders made their way into the finish line. The Mad Media helicopter flying overhead signaled the leaders were coming through, Johny Angal came down through the canyon first followed by the rest of the pack, they saw cars coming through in all sorts of condition, one vehicle rolled by on 3 wheels, the co driver was hanging off the side of the car trying to keep the front of the car off the ground. Cognito came by with their right rear wheel horizontal with the ground, it appeared they had done some significant damage to their trailing arm. After about an hour of sunbathing the #1949 appeared like a chariot sent by the gods. Driver Alonso Lopez stopped to say hi and to lend assistance, Sean and Todd hooked a tow strap from the back of the #1949 and attached it to the #1930. We were off on our way back to civilization. Alonso had the two vehicles racing across the desert at nearly 50 mph, the 1930 was a mere 5' off Alonso's bumper, Sean stated it was quite the ride. A decision was made between Alonso and Sean to take the vehicles all the way in and try to salvage points for two laps. Cook Off-Road Racing

As the pair of cars made their way down pit road in the 25 mph no passing zone, they were passed by two fellow racers exceeding the Speed rules. Eventually Alonso piloted the two cars to a finish! The #1930 SPEED Energy Team would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Alonso Lopez and his team for offering his assistance to us, this was a true expression of great sportsmanship.

Recapping the performance of the race vehicle, our GBC Kanati Mongrels were flawless, no flats as a matter of fact they looked as good after 200 miles as they did at the start if the race. The Hellwig sway bar and King shocks were incredible, the team drove the car over stretches of whoops that in past races had slowed them down, but not this time it was full throttle all the way. The Madigan supplied suspension was spot on, the issues experienced in San Felipe are a thing of the past, this kit is bullet proof! The Muzzy exhaust sounded great and performed perfectly as alway. Our Racer X supplied radio system was amazing, we had great comms all around the 116 mile course. I'm sure our Rigid lights performed well just did not really use them much because of the daylight, but their support is greatly appreciated. Our beautifully L & L powder coated chassis held up through the sand blasting known as the Nevada desert. The team was very satisfied with their forward progress on the development of their new race vehicle. The team is very confident that the opportunity to be on the podium is coming soon.

November 18, 2014

Cook Off-Road Racing

SCORE Baja 1000

This past week the #1930 UTV of Cook Off-Road Racing traveled south to beautiful Baja, Mexico to challenge the SCORE Baja 1000. The team arrived on Monday and settled in for some last minute testing in their new 2015 Polaris XP 1000 4 seater. The new car was recently delivered from Fabwerx Chassis. The team headed by Crew Chief Jeff Correia handled all the final prep before the long trip to Baja.

Testing went well and plenty of seat time was found for the drivers, Sean Cook and his two sons Colton Cook and Brendan Cook. No major adjustments were needed before race day. The team was invited into the RPM racing shop for some last minute tire mounts; Sean, Colton, and Brendan enjoyed hanging out with all the guys from RPM. What a great group of racers!

Cook Off-Road Racing The rest of the team arrived late Tuesday afternoon, along with their new driver and sponsor, Jesus "Chucho" Leon, from Polaris Villa Hermosa in Merida Yucatan. The team got right down to business and started working logistics for the Baja Peninsula run; Jesus brought his chase team up from Cabo which consisted of an additional 4 chase vehicles. The game plan was for Cook Racing to get the car from the start line down to mm 900 where Jesus's team would take over and continue down to La Paz. The plan was set; the only thing left was tech, registration, and then race day.

Tech and registration were Wednesday; the usual carnival atmosphere was to be had. The team has learned from previous tech days that you must arrive early. Sean and co-driver Todd Latronica had the race car in line at about 5:00 am, perfect! The line grew quickly behind them. The decision to arrive early meant the team was finished with tech and back at the beach house by 3:00 pm. The drivers attended the mandatory drivers meeting while the rest of the crew finished packing the chase trucks for the long journey south.

Cook Off-Road Racing Race day came early on Thursday morning but since the team was all packed up and they enjoyed a late starting time, the usual stress was not to be found. The team made their way to Ensenada for a 2:30 pm green flag. Sean and Todd left the line in the 7th place draw. Driver and co-driver had discussed their strategy in great detail and as soon as they took the green flag, they began implementing it. The duo had made the decision to allow most of the field to get past them as quickly as possible; Sean felt he needed some time to really find his rhythm with the new race car. Their decision paid off well as they found their way through the back streets of Ensenada, then onto Ojos Negros and beyond.

The car started really coming to them after about 100 miles. The team experienced no issues with the car, all systems were go! The King Shocks were soaking up the bumps with ease and the Hellwig sway bar provided unbelievable stability through the turns. The Muzzy exhaust gave the vehicle that unique Muzzy sound and performance. The Madigan long travel kit was flawless. The race car slid over all course obstacles with the protection provided by Factory UTV skid plates. Sean and Todd were very comfortable strapped into their Twisted Stitch seats and belts. The chase truck was able to navigate their way down the Baja Peninsula without worry of refueling due to the new addition of their Transfer Flow 109 gallon fuel tank. Another new toy for the chase team was the new Grizzly ice chest, which meant ice cold SPEED Energy drinks for days. The grip on the new Driven Steering Wheel allowed Sean to keep firm control of the vehicle. Cook Off-Road Racing

At mm 300 it was time to turn the car over to Sean's son, Colton Cook, and his co-driver, fellow SPEED Energy driver, David Jackson. The new drivers quickly exited the pits and roared off into the Baja darkness. The chase team loaded up and headed out to their next pit located in Catavina. After a few hours of waiting for the car to show up, the chase team finally got word that Colton had driven the car into a silt bed and hit a buried rut. The impact caused a flat front tire as well as damaging a heim joint and front C.V. joint. Colton and Dave were forced to make some repairs in order to limp the damaged vehicle back to the pits. Upon reaching the pits the team, under the leadership of interim crew chief Brian, got right to work. They made the car new again and sent Colton and Dave back onto course. A short time after leaving the pits a rock became lodged in the rear caliper causing a major brake failure. This did not phase Colton who blasted across the Baja desert for over 50 miles with no brakes; the kid has talent! Colton brought the race vehicle into the pits at mm 600 where his brother Brendan "Ayrton" Cook and his co-driver Steve Medley took over the car. Unfortunately Brendan and Steve only made it to mm 638 before suffering a major engine failure. The team was devastated by the news, as it was announced over the radio that their Baja run had come to an end.

Unfortunately, new team driver Jesus Leon was never able to pilot the car as planned but being a seasoned driver Jesus knew of the odds. Jesus was extremely impressed with the perseverance and "never quit" attitude of the team and has vowed to return for the 2015 season.

July 16, 2013


RENO NV. - Driver Sean Cook and Co-Driver Joey Brasil drove the SPEED Energy / Jackson Rancheria Casino / Black Rhino Performance to a first place finish in the Pro UTV class at the HDRA El Dorado 500.

The Team arrived on Friday for tech and contingency and was very prominently displayed on tech row for all to see. The team had plenty of ice cold SPEED Energy samples and plenty of goodie bags to give out courtesy of the Jackson Rancheria.
Cook Off-Road Racing
On Friday afternoon the team participated in the team pit challenge. Unofficially the team was second but after discovering a loose lug nut they were assessed a penalty which allowed the Monster Energy Team of BJ Baldwin to take second. Driver Sean Cook stated it was an amazing attempt by the team considering two members had just flown in from Michigan and had zero experience in this venue.

The team was very excited just to be representing at such an event. Rigid Industries, one of Cooks sponsors provided plenty of Rigid Nation shirts for the team to wear. The day was full of meeting the many racers from around the world and providing plenty of SPEED. The team had some last minute tweaking to do to their Rugged Radios and with the help from Rugged Technician Nick they were off to the races.

Saturday was race morning and it came a little early, the team arrived at the Tahoe Motorplex bright and early and made the final adjustments to the car. cook off road racing

The #1939 car driven by teammate Robert Dalton experienced a mechanical failure, and try as they did, were unable to start the race. Driver Sean Cook, along with his first time Co-Driver Joey Brasil, left the starting line about 10 am. The UTV class was the last class to leave the line. Cook drew the #2 spot behind the Arctic Cat of Paul Boughten. At mile #1 Cook experienced his first flat tire; this was not the result of any type of problem with the tire, but rather from the amount of rocks on course, as a matter of fact the GBC Mongrels on the vehicle had zero issues even in the hostile conditions they were in. Brasil leaped into action had the tire changed quickly and they were back on course in no time.

Around mm 50, Cook experienced a failure with the lower driver side ball joint. When the joint came apart the vehicle veered over the embankment and nearly rolled; but with the great radio reception provided by their Rugged Radios, Cook was able to radio to his chase team, and help was on the way. The team made quick time of getting the vehicle fixed and soon they were rolling again.
Cook Off-Road Racing
Lap two was starting to show more and more carnage from vehicles being consumed by the incredibly rough terrain. Cook and Brasil were making great time catching up to race leader Doug McCrady in the #1901 Arctic Cat, but little did they know they passed the #1901 vehicle at mm 64. Cook was unaware #1901 had pulled off in the remote pit to make repairs. At mm 74 another ball joint failure brought the SPEED Energy RZR to a halt, this time it was in the bottle neck of a canyon. Race vehicles started piling up behind them as they worked to clear the #1440 truck that became stuck behind them with no reverse. Cook and Brasil dug out the boulder that was holding up the truck. The rock was finally moved and the bottle neck was re-opened. HDRA operations allowed the team to give the parts needed to fix the RZR to the pilot of the Monster Energy helicopter. Cook stated it was pretty cool to see the helo come into the canyon circle around and then the cameraman lean out the window and dropped the parts; unfortunately they were the wrong parts.

Cook Off-Road RacingCook Off-Road Racing Crew Chief Jeff Correia drove out as close to the broken RZR as he could but still ended up hiking almost 2 miles up the canyon to make the necessary repairs. The RZR was running again and unknown to Cook he was now in first place. When Cook came across the start finish line he was informed that the #1901 car was broke behind him about 20 miles. Cook asked if the race would be called since he was the only car still running but HDRA officials advised him to complete the next 22 mile loop and when he returned to the pits HDRA should have a better idea what #1901 was going to do.

At about 9:30 Cook and Brasil made it to their pit but still no word on the #1901 vehicle, finally across the radio at about 11:30 HDRA reported #1901 had cleared the start finish line and was continuing on their third lap. Cook and Brasil buckled in and roared off into the desert darkness. Cook knew he had about a 22 mile cushion on #1901 but he knew he needed to play it safe in order to finish. Cook stated it is a whole different world at night in the desert, it was very eerie to come up on so many broken vehicles, some over the edge leaving just their rear ends exposed to the road while others just abandoned right in the middle of the road, with no drivers to be seen. The course had completely changed from lap two. Cook stated the silt was as deep as the top of his tires with hidden rocks everywhere. The Factory UTV supplied skid plate received a work out and never let the rocks damage the undercarriage of the vehicle. Cook and Brasil stayed on task and guided the RZR to the finish line crossing at 2:30 AM. Cook stated it was a great sight to see George Antill still waiting up for them. Cook was awarded the first place finish in the Pro UTV class.

With a first place finish at the El Dorado 500 the points tighten up considerably making the final race in Las Vegas a “lay it all on the line” type of showdown. Cook would like to congratulate the #1901 team for putting up a valiant fight right to the end. It is always a pleasure to race with such great sportsman.
Cook Off-Road Racing
Cook Off-Road Racing would like to thank all their sponsors who make this adventure possible: SPEED Energy, Jackson Rancheria Casino, Black Rhino Performance, Muzzy Performance, Rigid Industries, GBC Motorsports, Torco Oils, Optima Batteries, Polaris, Factory UTV, Rugged Radios, OMF Performance, 4130 Clothing, MJ Motorsports, Kettle Pizza, XMF Fabrication, Summers Brothers Racing, N-Fab, Red House BBQ, Cal Hot Coating, Catch your eye Graphics Cook Off-Road Racing would also like to express their sincere appreciation to the HDRA staff for putting on a first class race; where else can you race and get helicopter support for the UTV class!! And last but not least to the hard working, never say quit team of professionals who make up Cook Off-Road Racing: Gina Buzzini-Cook, Jeff and Toni Correia, Todd Latronica, Jeff and Carrie Grass, Joey and Michelle Brasil, Trent Woods, Kyle Martin, Dennis Jean, Tammy Faulkner, Colton and Brendan Cook, Doug Gonzales, Robert Dalton, Samantha Gonzales and to the rest of their family and friends who followed along on face book @ Speed Energy Nor Cal.

May 30, 2013


cook off road racing The SPEED Energy / Jackson Rancheria sponsored UTV #1930 driven by Sean Cook, Tammy Faulkner, Colton Cook, and Brendan Cook took top honors this past weekend scoring their first 1st place finish at the VORRA Yerington 300.

The SPEED Energy / Jackson Rancheria team was well represented this weekend with three entries. The #1939 UTV driven by Robert Dalton was first off the line, followed by teammate Dennis Jean in the #1959 UTV., but After charging hard for about 20 miles Dalton was out. Dalton said he hit a hit a bump in the road causing a hard rebound of the rear end, when the the vehicle came down and landed hard on a rock which went through the the skid plate and into the motor causing the motor failure. The Yerington 300 was Dalton's first race behind the wheel of the Polaris 800, he finished a respectful 4th.

Cook Off-Road Racing Cook Off-Road Racing

The #1959 SPEED Energy / Jackson Rancheria UTV driven by veteran VORRA racer Dennis Jean drew the second spot off the line. Dennis was charging hard chasing down fellow teammate Dalton. Jean managed to stay within one mile of Dalton for quite some time until Dalton was sidelined. After passing Dalton, Jean and co-driver Sean Cook fell into their usual race pace. As the race rolled on, the team of Jean and Cook built up a 40 minute lead over fellow SPEED Energy / Jackson Rancheria teammate UTV #1930 driven by Tammy Faulkner. Jean maintained a solid lead for over one hundred miles until they too were sidelined with mechanical issues. Jean has been fighting mechanical gremlins all season and when he noticed something not right in the power train he made the decision to shut it down and race another day. Cook Off-Road Racing

The Reno Polaris UTV entry driven by Bill Hermant finished 3rd in class. Hermant suffered a suspension failure early on but was able to rejoin the race only to have other mechanical issues causing him to not finish.

The SPEED Energy / Jackson Rancheria #1930 entry had a very strong run in the 300 mile desert race. The #1930 drew the last starting position and had their work cut out for them to make it to the front of the pack. Driver Tammy Faulkner along with co-driver, Brendan Cook, started the race, and within 10 miles the team encountered their first of two flat tires. Brendan made quick time of the tire change and they were off. The UTV class started early in the morning behind the sportsman class, this represented a challenge for the team to battle their way to the front. On lap two, the drivers changed -- Colton Cook jumped into the driver's seat and Tammy moved to co-driver. Lap two was pretty uneventful with just some good steady driving by the pair. Cook Off-Road Racing On lap three Brendan Cook was back in the car but this time as a driver, and he was accompanied by his father and co-driver Sean Cook. The pair left the pits knowing they were in the lead but at about mile 15 they got another rear flat. Sean made the change and the duo was off again. When the car entered the pits for their final splash of fuel, the crew noticed oil coming from the motor. Crew Chief Jeff Correia along with the rest of the team made quick repair of a broken oil sending unit. The leak was plugged and they were off. Sean Cook stated that last 40 miles were some of the toughest miles; he also stated it was the longest 40 miles as he watched his son take charge of the race vehicle and bring home the win! Sean said, "Brendan drove like the true professional he has become, he showed great patience with the slower vehicles we encountered as well as the ability to read the course in order to keep the vehicle on pace for the win."

October 16, 2012


cook off road racingThe road leading up to the Best in the Desert Blue Water Desert Challenge actually began the weekend prior. Cook Off-Road Racing co-driver Tammy Faulkner piloted the #1930 Polaris Rzr XP4 900 to a 5th place finish at the M.O.R.E Powder Puff Race in beautiful Barstow, CA.

Tammy, along with her co-driver's Dee Andrews and Kim Goodman, ran a very competitive race amongst the field of eleven other UTV drivers racing to find a cure for breast cancer. Cook Off-Road Racing was out in full force supporting Tammy and her co-drivers.

Tammy actually had some of the fastest lap times but two flat tires on her first lap kept her from the top spot, but again anyone who participated in the race for the cure is truly a winner!

A big thank you goes out to Cook Off-Road Racing sponsors OMF Performance, Rigid Industries and Cognito Motor Sports for stepping up to help the team make a donation of $500 towards the cure.

By midday Thursday Cook Off-Road Racing had the Black Rhino trailer packed and was Parker bound. The team first had to make a stop at Cognito Motor Sports where Justin and the crew added a few goodies to their suspension package. The team can't begin to say thank you enough, the Cognito crew jumped right in and installed a set of reinforced trailing arms and a new set of Fox 2.5 racing shocks. "You have never experienced a ride like the one we got with those shocks, never once did we bottom out the XP" stated Sean Cook. Once the install was complete thePolaris Rzr XP4 900 racingy discovered a clicking noise coming from the rear of the #1930. The crew looked the car over several times even changing out a wheel bearing but the elusive sound could not be pinpointed. It was getting late so the decision was made to continue onto Parker.

Upon arriving in Parker the next morning Cook Off-Road Racing took the #1930 to the local dealer, Parker Yamaha/Polaris. The Rzr was examined and the staff determined the noise to be a bad CV joint. The team located a new CV joint and proceeded to install it prior to the race.

Race day came early as usual. All the UTV's were lined up and ready to do battle at 05:45 AM. When the green flag dropped Cook Off-Road Racing's #1930 came to life and with the help of their Rigid Lights illuminating the way. They raced Team Murray through the serpentine, Team Murray came out ahead of them but they were able to stay close for a few miles until they settled into their own race pace. They passed and were passed by the usual suspects as is the usual routine early on. At the end of their first lap the clicking noise came back and then a snap; they lost the outboard CV on the driver side. This happened right at the finish line so they were able to limp the car into the hot pits where the Cook Off-Road Racing crew, along with the assistance of the Cognito guys, jumped to action and replaced the axle. The #1930 Polaris Rzr was back on course with some Polaris Rzr XP4 900catching up to do. Lap two was very much routine; the #1930 was very fast and the suspension was outstanding. On lap three the clicking gremlin was back, only this time they were not as fortunate to be so close to the finish. Tammy and Sean had to drive the #1930 almost twelve miles with a broken CV joint; this was no easy task with the endless stretches of sandy whoops ahead of them. Although they were a little down on time they did manage a finish.

After the completion of race one the Cook Off-Road Racing team came together and figured out what had gone wrong. They made the necessary repairs and let the vehicle rest until the next day.

Day two came early again and this time they lined up against Scott Martinez in the John Deere. Martinez is always a serious competitor; not always the fastest but always there at the end. The light turned green and they were off, this time they came out of the serpentine first.

They settled into their race format for day two. They decided to hold back as much as possible in order to secure a finish for the weekend. The course was nothing like the previous day, the ruts were so deep they nearly swallowed up the #1930 Polaris Rzr. The Polaris Rzr XP4 900 jumpingtrophy trucks had taken their toll on the track the previous day. The #1930 moved along each lap very cautiously and very meticulously taking no chance for failure. By the third lap it was time to start bringing the #1930 up to speed. The Rzr leaped into action, Tammy and Sean were driving it like they stole it. Cook Off-Road Racing finished the weekend with a solid 7th place score overall. They were 10th on Saturday and 5th on Sunday. This may not sound too impressive but in the big picture they finished, and that will keep them in the top five heading into the final race at Henderson.

Once again Cook Off-Road Racing would like to thank all of their sponsors for without their help and support none of this would be possible; Black Rhino Performance, OMF Performance, Polaris Industries, Cognito Motor Sports, Rigid Industries, Torco Motor Oils, Muzzy Performance, Maxxis Tires, Optima Batteries, Rugged Radios, Cal Hot Coating, and D&D Graphics.

Another race in the books, Cook Off-Road Racing hopes to see everyone in Henderson…. Thanks to All, Sean Cook Cook Off-Road Racing BITD #1930

January 7, 2012

Racing Rzr jumping

Best in the Desert Parker 250

This past weekend saw Cook Off-Road Racing taking on the Best in the Desert at Parker Az. The weekend began with tech and registration at the Blue Water Resort on friday, UTV's were rolling in right until the close of tech. At final count we had 24 vehicles signed in, a new record for Best in the Desert. The Rigid Industires / Fabtech / Torco Motor Oils / Griffin Radiators sponsored UTV was through tech with flying colors. We headed out to the main pits for final prep and to put our race plan into action. This race we teamed up with our racing partner Dennis Jean in the #1949 XMF sponsored UTV. Since the vehicle was so well prepped by our crew chief Jeff Correia there was very little to do, checked all the nuts and bolts and put the car cover on for the night.

Racing Rzr cook off 0530 am rolls around pretty quick on race morning but the team was up and getting ready before the sunrise, by 0645 we were staged and poised to run. At about 0730 our race began the mighty Rzr left the line in a blaze of glory. The ride was pretty uneventful for about the first 15 miles but after that the rzr began to sputter on the low end, our new throttle body was not performing as it should, as we continued on. We found the rzr ran fine at the top end wide open, but when we slowed into the turns it was evident we had an issue. Our team worked very hard trying to overcome the issues at hand and it seemed we had. At the mid way pits we had moved into second place behind Matt Parks in the Jagged sponsored Polaris, but as we entered the mid way pits I noticed our team mate Dennis Jean hard on our tail as we exited the pits Dennis took us on the inside line and never looked back. As we continued on Dennis had stretched out and we kept a 2 mile buffer between us.

Racing Rzr We finally found our rythm in the dirt and things seemed to be on pace, we had settled into 3rd place with about 15 minutes over 4th place. Then it happened the dreaded flat tire, can't really say I was to surprised after the rock garden we had just gone through. Since my co-rider (Brendan Cook) and I have had so few flats on our Maxxis Tires we were a little rusty on the procedure, took a little longer but we got the job done. By the time we were back under way the train of vehicles chasing us had not only caught us but passed us. From this point on I put it all out to try and catch up. At the end of lap one we rolled into the pits took on fuel did a once over on the car and then back to work hunting down the pack. We only had one lap to get back into the hunt and try as we did the mighty Rzr was able to finish in 8th place. Our partner Dennis Jean came from way back in the pack to pull off a truly David v. Goliath finish by placing 2nd against the Polaris factory backed team of Matt Parks and Team Jagged-X.

Racing Rzr Just finishing this race was a big accomplishment after our dissapointing 2011 season. The Rzr S motor supplied by Cal Custom Polaris never missed a beat, the motor stayed well lubicated by the fine products supplied by Torco Motor Oils, the motor was exhaling with ease due in part to our Muzzy Performance exhaust, and of course you could see the car even through the thickest silt with our Rigid Industries lights. All of our sponsors had a pivotal role in our finish and all of us at Cook Off-Road Racing would like to thank, Fabtech Motor Sports, NOS Energy Drinks, Grant Steering Wheels, OMF Wheels, Zamped Helmets, Pink Divas, 4130 Clothing, Cal Hot Coatings, Optima Batteries, Cargo Buckles.

Stay tuned for more exciting off-road racing action, you can find us next weekend at the Sobobba Grand Prix co-piloting with Team Jean. In february I will again be on board with Team Jean at King of the Hammers. In March you will find the mighty Cook Off-Road Racing Rzr on Fremont St in downtown Las Vegas preparing for the Mint 400, see everyone soon....

You must first finish to finish first!

2011 Recap

Side x Side MAD Racing Well the dust has finally settled on the 2011 BITD season and for some of us it wasnt pretty. We placed 6th overall. The Fabtech UTV team (aka Cook Off-Road Racing) never gave up, we had 5 engine failures at 5 races not the kinda thing that wins championships, but nevertheless we worked through our issues and with the help of Trevor at Cal Custom Polaris we pulled a rabbit out of the hat for Henderson. We purchased a crate rzr S motor and we were off to the races. The Fabtech Rzr never missed a beat at Henderson, a true testament to "Keep it Simple".

The Fabtech team came together early this year when we added our newest sponsor and co-driver Tammy Faulkner of Pink Divas apparel. We not only got Tammy but the complete package with her husband Dan, her father, and who could forget Deanne and Velvet, Instant pit crew.

My Crew Chief Jeff Correia was simply amazing, coming to my house during the week working late into the night, pulling the motor umpteen times. He was the cornerstone of our program.

And who could forget our Pit Queen yes my wife Gina, she was the voice in my radio that kept me calm during the many disasters, she stepped up and took care of all our pit needs including running the chase vehicles across the desert.

The rest of the team, Ricky Leard of TRM, this is the guy you want to have in the desert when things go wrong, my sons Colton and Brendan for filling in behind the wheel and for their never ending support for me and the sport, love you guys.

Side x Side MAD Racing And finally a big thank you has to go out to my other co-driver whom I co-drive with in the VORRA series Dennis Jean #1959, he has been one of my best friends and closests allies this season, when things were really looking down at V2R he pulled me aside to tell me we can make this better, and we did!!

I would like to thank our many sponsors for without them we could not do what we do, Fabtech Motorsports(the name says it all), Rigid Industries Damon and Taylor you guys are the bomb, you made daylight in the dark your lights are unbelievable!, NOS Energy Drinks, gave us that little extra push when we had to pull a late night thrashing on the car, Maxxis Tires, Scott and Heather you guys gave us tires that never went flat looking forward to them for next year,Red House BBQ Manno you kept us fed with some of the tastiest BBQ in the world, Optima Batteries Jimmy Day you kept us charged and running, Muzzy Performance Murray thanks for the bolt on power from our exhaust, Holz Performance Matt who was always there for my questions, OMF Wheels Tim and Bones great guys, Torco Motor Oils Ernie thanks for all your lubricating support, Rugged Race Products Chris can you hear me now thanks for the radios, Cal Hot Coatings Alex you always came through for us with your fabricating and powder coating skills.

This is my 2011 racing summary, we here at Cook Off-Road Racing have learned so much this past season that we can't wait to attack the 2012 season. You can look for us to be at all the Best in the Desert races, VORRA races, and some HDRA races the season finale will see us at the starting line for the Baja 1000, yes you heard it the BAJA 1000 this will be our year! Look forward to seeing some of you next year, and thanks for all the support this past year.

Sean Cook
Cook Off-Road Racing #1930

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