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Casey Currie Runs Fast and Hard at King of the Hammers

Casey Currie CORONA, California (Feb 9, 2016) – Casey was setting his sights on bringing Jeeps to the 2016 event that would shake up the ranks and put him at the top of his class. His 2-door stock Jeep ran the Everyman Challenge impressively and his King of the Hammers main event Jeep was fast and ready to take on what this year’s course had to offer. Casey was running fast in the main event, making it up to third until heartbreak happened and he had to call his day with only 60 miles left in the course. Even so, Casey’s presence was felt around Hammertown all week and 2017 is in his sights.

On Tuesday, Casey hit the Power Hour qualifying field which was set to be more brutal than the years past. Many rolled or broke components trying to the waterfall, but Casey knew his Jeep was strong and ready for the challenge. Knowing what his Jeep was capable of, Casey conquered the qualifying course in lighting fast time – 5th fastest out of the qualifiers.

Casey Currie When asked how the week was going Casey had these comments, “We are feeling great out here. I have a great Jeep for the main event and my Everyman Challenge Stock 2-Door Jeep is really getting a lot of attention. Spectators and fans are really excited to see how a stock Jeep with bolt-on parts is going to do in such a challenging race. Also, it is great to see so many of my sponsors and partners here supporting this race. Monster, KMC, BFG, Axial, Warn, Dana Spicer, Rigid, Magnaflow, LeadNav and so many others are out here in force. This race keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. This is now the Burning Man of off road racing.”

Thursday’s Smittybuilt Everyman Challenge race started off well for Casey. With lap 1 completed, Casey was running strong in his Ultimate Dana 60 sponsred Stock Class Jeep. He made it to his pit where two more of his team members jumped in the Jeep to help him finish out the race. Unfortunately, on one of the obstacles coming out of Wrecking Ball, snagged his rear shock and nearly tore it in two. Even though the Currie Team’s day was over early, the impact of running the stock Jeep was reverberating through the social media channels. Even Casey said, “I was thrilled with how well this Jeep performed. It just shows you how tough the vehicles are and even with only bolt-on parts, you can go out and run one of the most challenging races in the world.”

Casey Currie The King of the Hammers main event on Friday started off great with Casey running right up at the front of the pack with two laps completed. He had one of the fasted times up the extremely difficult Back Door trail and to the cheers of the crowds lining the mountain walls, kept rolling through each obstacle with ease. Getting into the third lap, Currie’s Ultra4 Jeep was still running strong and fast. No major issues still had him running in the top three with only 60 miles left to go, but as racing would have it, that is when he hit a rock that ended his day prematurely with his trailing arm, shock shafts, and drive shaft all broken. Still, Casey’s race showed that he has the vehicle, experience and ability to master one of the most challenging off road races in the world.

When he got back to his pit, Casey stated, “Of course, we are disappointed. We had such a great Jeep all day, so when something like this happens only miles from the finish and being in the top 3, it stings. But that is racing and each year you show up here, you know that this can happen. It just gets me more excited for next year’s race. I have finished second twice before, and this year we were so close…next year, we will show up with another great Jeep and keep pushing hard for the win.”

Casey Currie Perseveres through the Battlefield at Wild West Motorsports Park

Casey Currie CORONA, California (Aug 24, 2015) – Casey and the #2 truck were headed back to Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks, NV for Rounds 13 & 14 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS). In the hunt for the championship, Casey knew he needed two strong, consistent and clean finishes, which was exactly what he delivered. Though the races turned into a battlefield, Currie was able to keep out of most of the carnage and come home with two big points finishes, notching him up in the points standings.

Through the practices and qualifying, Casey knew that the races were going to be a fight to the end. So, it wasn’t surprising that he jumped up two positions in the first lap of the race to get as far away from the pack as possible. He held that position and raced flawlessly until there was a flag on lap 10 that caused the field to bunch back up again. He had a great jump on the restart until the truck in front of him didn’t go which forced Currie to lift to avoid a serious crash. He was able to get back some positions the were lost due to the restart, and in the end finished with an intact truck and significant championship points. Casey Currie

After the Saturday race, Casey commented, “It was brutal out there…but we came home with a good points finish and a truck that is ready to go for tomorrow. That is the main thing. We have to play this smart so we don’t use up the truck in one race. Tomorrow we have a great truck and will be charging for the top.”

Sunday’s Round 14 race was going to be challenging, but with the #2 truck on rails, Casey was able to make his way through the field with ease. With several cautions, the Pro Lite field stayed bunched up and there was intense door-to-door racing, but Currie’s experience and focus kept him charging to the front. He was able to avoid the rollovers and carnage and managed to put down some of the fastest lap times of the race. Currie came home again with a gain in points and a truck that is ready to put down more fast laps in Las Vegas in September.

Casey Currie Sets the Pace and Podiums at the Inaugural Lucas Oil Off Road Short Course Race in Baja

Casey Currie CORONA, California (Aug 3, 2015) – It was the inaugural, international weekend for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) at the Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada, Mexico, and Casey’s experience racing on the beaches of Baja proved to be invaluable. The track for rounds 11 and 12 was unlike any other the Lucas series has put together – a more technical track, with a taste of the desert Baja races Casey is so familiar with and skilled at running. Brining home another top 5 finish on Saturday, and getting a podium finish while setting the fastest lap time on Sunday, have Kept Currie in the hunt for the 2015 championship.

Friday was the first time any team had a chance to get on the brand new track at Estero Beach Resort and Casey was ready to hit the Ensenada sand. After four practice sessions, Casey had a great idea of just how technical and treacherous the track was but, being experienced in many types of racing in various terrains, he was able to get his truck set up perfectly for this unique track.

Casey Currie Catching up to Casey on Friday, he stated, “I love this track! It is technical, it is totally different than any other we run on. All of us drivers are going to really have to focus and be on our A-game to make it through to the end. I am confident that my team has given me the best truck for this weekend and I am confident that I can go out there and bring home top finishes that will keep me moving forward in the championship points. No matter what, it is going to be a great weekend of racing that the fans of Baja are going to love!”

Casey qualified in the top 5 on Saturday and a good thing too as it was a race filled with incidents. Casey’s experience kept him clear of the multiple wrecks that took out several trucks from the field, while keeping him on pace to come home with a top 5 finish. Casey commented, “It was brutal out there, but my truck was dialed in and I was able to keep it in one piece. Coming home with another top 5 finish keeps us right up there for the championship. I can’t wait to get back out there for tomorrow’s race.”

Casey Currie Sunday Currie hit the ground running and qualified third. The Round 12 race was a fast one as there were no caution flags thrown. Casey’s truck was dialed in and in lap 8 he laid down the fastest lap of the race. The Baja fans were cheering wildly as he and Jerrett Brooks raced each other hard for a podium finish. In the end it was Currie who came out on top and finished third. He said, “It feels great to be back on the podium and awesome to have the Optima Batteries’ Fast Lap. We are really catching our stride here and making great improvements to keep us in championship contention. Also being able to run here in Ensenada to a packed, standing-room-only crowd is exhilarating! The people of Baja love off-road and to be able to bring what we do to them is an honor.”

Casey’s finding his rhythm as he enters the final three race weekends of the 2015 season. Next up for Currie is LOORRS Rounds 13 & 14 at Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks, NV. In 2014 he took second place at this track, and with momentum behind him, he will be showing up with his truck set-up to put down fast laps and get back on the podium.

Casey Currie Soars and is Fastest at Glen Helen

Casey Currie CORONA, California (July 19, 2015) – It was a short but fast weekend for Casey Currie at the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) at Glen Helen. After a successful practice on Friday, rare thunderstorms came through the San Bernadino Foothills, postponing Round 9 until Sunday morning and Round 10 had to be rescheduled to the Lake Elsinore event at the end of the season. But even with the track drastically changing with all the rain, Casey had another strong points weekend and put down the fastest lap time of the Pro Lite class.

Friday’s practice allowed Casey’s team to make all the right final modifications to give Casey the best truck for Saturday’s race. But that night, the storms started coming through and it resulted in all of the remaining practice and qualifying sessions to get cancelled. Though Casey was ready to put down fast qualifying laps, the LOORRS officials decided to line the Pro Lite trucks up by their points standings to start the race. However, the weather would continue to not cooperate and Saturday’s race was postponed until Sunday morning. Casey Currie

The Round 9 race on Sunday morning went off without a hitch and Casey was soaring over the competition. This was the largest field that had started a Pro Lite race, so there were several cautions that bunched the trucks back together. Ultimately, Casey found the fast line and put down a lightening-fast lap. Keeping his consistently good finishes and fast times, Casey was looking forward to Sunday nights Round 10. But once again the weather was not in the racers’ favor. More thunderstorms arrived and the LOORRS officials called the Sunday night race, with it to be rescheduled later on in the season.

“It is disappointing when you have such a fast truck ready to go, but we were able to get one race in this weekend and we are still gaining ground in the Championship points. Between the rain, and the largest starting grid for Pro Lite this season, it was a warzone out there, but my team gave me a great truck and it is awesome to be the fastest one out there,” said Currie about the weekend’s events.

Next on Casey’s race schedule is the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Rounds 11 & 12 in Estero Beach, Mexico. This is a brand new track and event this season. With a significant following in Mexico, Casey is sure to have a lot of people cheering him onto victory.

Casey Currie Keeping Up the Heat in Utah

Casey Currie CORONA, California (June 22, 2015) – Coming off of a big weekend in Lake Elsinore Casey Currie headed to Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah for Rounds 7 & 8 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS). The points race is tight in the largest class of short-course off road trucks, and Casey is right at the top. After the rounds at Utah, Casey has continued to put up strong number keeping him right in line for the championship.

Racing on a very technical and difficult track, Casey was able to keep up with the pace and turn in two top ten finishes. In Saturdays' race, Currie was able to turn in a solid finish and keep the truck out of any accidents. On Sunday, Currie got tangled up early on in the race, but found a way to make several difficult passes around the tight turns and narrow straights of the track. Casey Currie

"Well, it wasn't exactly the sort of weekend we were looking for, but ultimately we are still putting up strong points and are in the hunt for the championship. There is a lot of talent in this class, and to be in the top 5 in points half way through the season puts the Currie Racing team in a great spot to make a push for the championship," said Casey.

Continuing to turn in consistent results has put Casey in a great position to contend for the championship in the second half of the 2015 season. With a truck that has stayed out of major wrecks and a team that can make the proper adjustments, Casey is ready to get on the podium and make his mark on the largest Pro class in short-course.

Casey Currie Keeping Up the Heat in Utah

Casey Currie CORONA, California (June 22, 2015) – Coming off of a big weekend in Lake Elsinore Casey Currie headed to Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah for Rounds 7 & 8 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS). The points race is tight in the largest class of short-course off road trucks, and Casey is right at the top. After the rounds at Utah, Casey has continued to put up strong number keeping him right in line for the championship.

Racing on a very technical and difficult track, Casey was able to keep up with the pace and turn in two top ten finishes. In Saturdays' race, Currie was able to turn in a solid finish and keep the truck out of any accidents. On Sunday, Currie got tangled up early on in the race, but found a way to make several difficult passes around the tight turns and narrow straights of the track. Casey Currie

"Well, it wasn't exactly the sort of weekend we were looking for, but ultimately we are still putting up strong points and are in the hunt for the championship. There is a lot of talent in this class, and to be in the top 5 in points half way through the season puts the Currie Racing team in a great spot to make a push for the championship," said Casey.

Continuing to turn in consistent results has put Casey in a great position to contend for the championship in the second half of the 2015 season. With a truck that has stayed out of major wrecks and a team that can make the proper adjustments, Casey is ready to get on the podium and make his mark on the largest Pro class in short-course.

Casey Currie Conquers Baja

Casey Currie CORONA, California (June 8, 2015) – Casey Currie knew that committing to running the Baja 500 was going to be more than a challenging race, it was going to be an experience of a lifetime. He and his co-driver, his uncle, John Currie, had set a goal to finish the race and did coming across the line 18th in the Trophy Truck class. Ultimately, Casey, and his crew accomplished what they set out to accomplish and created one of the best memories in his racing career.

For this Baja 500 experience, Casey started it off by pre-running to get familiar with the Baja terrain weeks before the actual race. They took their Currie Equipped Jeeps and added the new K02 Bfgoodrich tires to be able to handle all they encountered on their runs. Casey, his father (Ray Currie), uncle (John Currie), and Savvy Off-Road owner, Gerald Lee, took the Jeeps down to Baja and pre-ran the complete course, doing over 1500 miles in the dirt. They started in Ensenada, then travelled down to San Felipe for the night, then finished off the course ending back in Ensenada. Having no problems with the Jeeps and perfect weather, they were all excited to get to Baja back for the race in June. Casey Currie

When race week arrived, Casey and his team started it off with 3 days of more pre-running before qualifying. Casey’s plan for qualifying was to run cleanly – not make any mistakes and not push the too hard where they cause damage to it. Thursday, in their qualifying run, they ended up qualifying 20th out of 30 Trophy Trucks. Tech and contingency was Friday and wow what an experience! Casey had never seen so many people at a race…and the energy from all the fans was exhilarating. They handed out over a 1000 posters and over a 1000 stickers at contingency/tech alone.

On race day the green flag dropped at 10:20 am for Casey and John and they had a smooth run for the first 140 miles. Then at race mile 140 Casey’s uncle John got in the Jeep and drove it brilliantly to 300. Through this second section, they had lost some time making some suspension repairs due to the huge whoops. Casey got back in the Jeep at mile marker 300 and drove it to the finish, crossing the line around 11PM.

Casey Currie’s Trophy Truck was the first to finish with a straight axle front suspension in over 10 years. He and John finished 18th in one of the toughest classes in the sport. They proved to themselves and to the race community that they can succeed in this grueling race – they look forward to coming back for next year’s Baja 500 and achieving an even better result in a new Jeep.

Casey Currie Running in the 2015 Baja 500 Trophy Truck Class

Casey Currie CORONA, California (May 11, 2015) – Casey Currie's King of the Hammers straight axle Jeep performed so well this year, that he has decided to run it at the premier 2015 SCORE Baja 500 race in June. This marks the first time Casey will be racing in the Trophy Truck class.

Casey will be racing with his uncle, John Currie, who has competed and won many championships and races. They will be splitting the driving duties and as a team, John and Casey the technical know-how and the racing acumen to face the challenge the SCORE Baja 500 has.

When asked about having his uncle as his co-driver, he commented "I am excited to have my Uncle drive part of the race. We have spent a lot of time together testing and building the vehicle. He understands the race Jeep as well as me and I feel he can help bring the Jeep home safe to the finish."

Casey Currie As one of the premier Baja races, the Baja 500 is more than running full speed through the desert – it is about finding the balance between driving finesse, vehicle power, and raw speed. Casey will have to contend with a nearly 500-mile course through silt, beaches, salt rocks, mountainous terrain and high-speed turns. All of which will test Casey and the vehicle to the limit.

Casey is excited about breaking into the prestigious SCORE Trophy Truck class. "This is my first time racing in the trophy truck class at the Baja 500. I am very excited to be bringing down our Race Jeep to Mexico. I absolutely love it down here and can't wait to start pre running. Our plan is to finish, to set a pace that will not damage the car and get us to the finish line without down time. Casey Currie This Jeep is a straight axle Jeep coming straight from the Hammers and the last time that has happened was in 1997 with Curt Leduc when he won the championship."

Casey's Baja 500 vehicle would not have been possible without the huge amount of support from Monster Energy, BFGoodrich Tires, Walker Evans Racing Wheels, and Rigid Industries. They stepped up big to help Casey realize this dream. In addition, the continued loyal support by all of Casey's other sponsors allows him to continue to run and make possible all his accomplishments. In Casey's words, "Without my sponsors I wouldn't be able to do what I do. It is because of them that I can achieve all this. Thank you – I am so fortunate to work with each of them."

Casey Currie Consistently Fast in Phoenix and Turns in a Top 5 Performance

Casey Currie Nissan truck
CORONA, California (April 27, 2015) – With the Lucas Oil Off Road Series Rounds 1 & 2 completed, Casey was looking to have a consistent performance in Rounds 3 and 4 to keep his upward momentum going. And he did just that. Fast in practice on Thursday and in qualifying on Saturday, he turned in great race performances and is sitting in the top 5 in the largest class in all of short course.

Thursday's practice sessions were a showing of how well Casey was prepared for the weekend. He turned in some of the fastest times of the day and was looking dialed in for Friday's race.

With no practice or qualifying due to rain, the Pro-Lite class started in order of points putting Casey in 5th. The track was very wet and with the largest racing class in all of short course, there was a lot of carnage for Casey to drive through. But he turned out another solid race and was ready for Saturday.

Casey Currie Nissan truck
"There was a lot of trucks out there, some more experienced than others…and with the track as wet as it was, there was a lot to get around. Overall, I think we had another solid race without much damage to the truck and I am expecting an even better performance on Saturday," said Casey after Friday's race.

Qualifying on Saturday confirmed that Casey had a contender by qualifying on 0.7 seconds behind the fastest truck. He was looking to maintain that upward trajectory and have a top 5 finish. And once again with a full field of trucks, Casey drove through the crowd and finished 4th.

Casey commented that, "My goal was to have another top 5 finish weekend and we accomplished just that. I am ranked 5th in the largest class of trucks in ALL of short course. This year is about being consistently good…keeping our momentum strong throughout the year and staying at the top. With such a strong team and truck we are looking good."

The next race will be at Currie's home track, Lake Elsinore, and Casey is looking to put in another consistently fast weekend at the LOORRS Rounds 5 & 6 on May 30 and 31, 2015.

Casey Currie Dialed in at Lake Elsinore and Ready for Rounds 3 & 4 in Phoenix

Casey Currie Nissan truck
CORONA, California (March 22, 2015) – The 2015 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) officially began in Lake Elsinore on March 20 and Casey Currie had a solid start to the season. Finishing 9th and 5th, Casey goes into Rounds 3 and 4 in Phoenix with a strong points foundation and a dialed-in truck.

In the off-season Casey installed a new suspension on the truck, which takes time to perfect. Currie qualified 16th, but with a few more modifications before the race on Friday, Casey was able to drive through the field and finish 9th.

After Friday’s Round 1, Casey commented, “Getting the truck dialed in with the new suspension was a lot of work. We did lots of testing but with the prepped track it took some time get back on top of our game. We had a smooth race starting on the 8th row and passing half the field finishing 9th.” Casey Currie Nissan truck

Saturday started much better with a front line qualification position for Casey. He ran a strong race Saturday night until a scuffle in a restart towards the end of the race left Casey with his hood blocking his line of sight. Casey was still able to re-take some positions and finished a respectable 5th.

“Qualifying in the 2nd spot, we felt our groove was back. We ran 2nd all the way till 2 laps to go and a late caution meant chaos going into turn 1 and 2. This time I was smashed into putting my hood in my face and making it tough to drive. We finished a solid 5th and will move on to Phoenix with a dialed truck," said Currie.

Now Currie moves onto Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Phoenix for the LOORRS Rounds 3 & 4 on April 24 and 25, 2015 with a perfected truck and hungry for the win.

Currie Sets the Pace on a Rain-Shortened Weekend in Las Vegas

koh side by side Extra day of racing added to the final weekend of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Lake Elsinore

Corona, Calif. (September 21, 2014) – Casey Currie ventured to the bright lights of Las Vegas for what was supposed to be Rounds 13 & 14 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series. Once again Casey’s truck was dialed in, setting Friday’s fastest qualifying time in the Pro-Lite group. Round 13 on Friday had many cautions and crashes bringing Casey home with a fourth place finish. Though ready for Saturday, it was not to be, as Saturday’s race was rained out and postponed until the Lake Elsinore event, where an extra day of racing will be added on Thursday.

The first night in Las Vegas, Casey Currie and other Lucas Oil Off Road Racing drivers traveled to Fremont Street with their trucks for a special public meet-and-greet. As usual, Casey was a crowd favorite. Always happy to meet his supporters, Casey signed autographs and took pictures with adoring fans. 

In the practice sessions, Casey was setting the pace and turning some of the fastest laps of the Pro-Lites. Friday’s qualifying session was no different -- he took the top qualifier position. Running well and feeling confident, he was ready to take top spot under the lights at Las Vegas Motorspeedway.

For the race, they inverted the top four, putting Casey in the second row outside. It was looking like it was going to be another big weekend for the Currie team, until some unlucky tangles with other trucks and several full course yellows brought Casey to the finish line in fourth place. 

“Qualifying went super good. [I] qualified first, had the fastest time of the day for all Pro-Lites. We knew we could set the pace. We inverted 4 and started in the second row outside, and got up to second quick and had a solid race. And then, with 5 laps to go, the cautions came. We got into a big tangle up, the first three trucks, and basically they allowed him to get his spot back, and put me in second. Then there was another crash. People kept getting their spots back and then there was just carnage on the last lap. But [I] still got fourth, guess you can’t really complain too much, so…a good day. All ready for tomorrow.” Currie commented after the race.

Fired up from Friday’s race, Casey went out and qualified 8th on Saturday. But, unfortunately, his hopes of taking the Pro-Lite race win in Vegas were cancelled due to thunderstorms, and postponed until the Lake Elsinore event in October. 

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series officials decided to add an extra day of racing on Thursday, October 23, to make up for the cancelled Vegas race. And Casey will be ready. Come out to the extended Final Rounds of the 2014 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at Lake Elsinore, and cheer on Casey as he goes for the win!

Currie starts off 2014 King Of The Hammers with a podium finish

koh side by side Johnson Valley, Calif. (February 6, 2014) – Tuesday marked the first days of qualifying for the multiple races being held at the 2014 Griffin King Of The Hammers. Casey Currie qualified the Currie Racing UTV, Modified Rock Crawler and Ultra 4 on the 1.2-mile course. The course featured a high-speed start along with numerous sections of rock variations. A total of 19 UTV's qualified for Wednesdays race, with a time of 6:14.8 that set Currie at a 14th starting position. 34 UTV's are registered for KOH UTV race.

The UTV race course would be 120 miles of punishing terrain. Rock sections would curse numerous racers and cause bottlenecks. Currie immediately put the pass on the slower UTV's and quickly made his way towards the leaders.
Casey Currie Nissan truck
By race mile 51, Currie had gained 8 positions. Gaining these spots would give Currie the upper-hand and get ahead of the major bottlenecks. Currie pushed the Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx's stock motor to the limits across the dry lake bed and after a grueling 6 hours of racing, Casey and co-driver, Oren, would cross the finish taking a final podium position, 3rd place. Along with Casey finishing, brother, Cody Currie would capture a 2nd place finish in the sportsman UTV class in his #22 Kawasaki Teryx.

Today Currie will be competing in the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge and will be the first off the line as he pulled off the number 1 qualifying spot on Tuesday. The #88 Modified Crawler will be going up against 38 other competitors.

The final race for the 8th annual KOH week-long event will be the Ultra4 race. Casey will be running his Monster Energy body and qualified for this race on Tuesday, but with another 47 entries scheduled to qualify on Wednesday, Casey's qualifying results for the final race will not be finalized until Thursday morning.

Casey Currie Looks to Continue Charge Towards the Front this Weekend as LOORS Visits Reno

Casey Currie Nissan truck CORONA, Calif. (August 23, 2013) – After one of his best outings of the season at the previous Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORS) stop at Glen Helen, confidence is high for Casey Currie and his Monster Energy/General Tire team heading into the 11th and 12th rounds of the 2013 season from Wild West Motorsports Park in Reno, Nev., this weekend.

The new Monster Energy/General Tire Jeep JK Pro Lite gets faster every time it takes to the track and with a runner-up effort in its most recent effort, Currie is confident that a win is in the cards this weekend in the "Biggest Little City in the World."

"My team has made this truck ridiculously fast and it will do pretty much anything I ask of it," said Currie. "We made some big gains at Glen Helen and now we're trying to build off of that so that we're even better this weekend in Reno. There's still a lot of racing left this season and I've got my sights set on continuing our forward progress in the championship."

After his strong performance in Southern California, Currie moved into fourth in the Pro Lite standings, eight points out of third. With a trio of runner-up finishes and a third place result to his credit this season, Currie has been a fixture in the battle up front. In a series where aggression and physical competition are some of the keys to success, the championship picture can change dramatically on any given lap.

Casey Currie Nissan truck "Everyone is stepping up their game as the season wears on and the competition is getting really intense out there," said Currie. "Glen Helen produced some of the best racing I've ever been a part of and I know that's going to continue this weekend and beyond. We're on our game and we're ready for whatever lies ahead."

Currie has spent some downtime in the Reno area in preparations for this weekend's race and the Monster Energy/General Tire Jeep JK will take to the track for the first time on Friday morning for Pro Lite practice. Last season, Currie emerged victorious at Wild West Motorsports Park and the team will use its past success at the facility to their advantage in preparations for each round of racing on Saturday and Sunday.

"We know what it takes to win here, so hopefully that plays in our favor once we get on track. Qualifying on Saturday and Sunday morning will be key in getting a good starting spot for the races, so hopefully we can put this Monster Energy/General Tire Jeep JK up towards the front and make our chances of repeating that victory even better."

The green flag will drop for the 11th and 12th rounds of the Pro Lite division at 3 p.n. PST on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Casey Currie in Top Form as LOORS Races Under the Lights at Glen Helen

Casey Currie Nissan truck CORONA, Calif. (July 31, 2013) – Casey Currie and the Monster Energy/General Tire team were at the top of their game this past weekend in San Bernardino, Calif., as Rounds 9 and 10 of the 2013 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORS) were raced under the lights at Glen Helen Raceway. Currie's Monster Energy/General Tire Jeep JK was a force to be reckoned with during both nights of Pro Lite action and ended the weekend with one of his best outings of the season, highlighted by a runner-up effort on Sunday. The performance vaulted Currie back into the Pro Lite title hunt with five rounds of racing remaining.

Due to the special nature of the first of two weekends of night racing this season, the format for track time was altered, resulting in a loaded day of action on Friday. Currie began the weekend with practice on Friday morning and set up his truck for the pair of qualifying sessions scheduled for later that afternoon. Friday's first qualifying session set the grid for Round 9 on Saturday evening and Currie got the weekend off to a strong start by qualifying fourth. Just a few hours later, Currie returned to the track to earn his starting spot for Round 10 on Sunday night, getting even more out of the Jeep JK to post the third-fastest time. Casey Currie Nissan truck

With a scheduled start time nearing 9 p.m. locally, Currie spent the day on Saturday and Sunday enjoying some time with his family, friends, and crew members while also preparing to attack the track once the green flag dropped. He and his team ensured the Monster Energy/General Tire Jeep JK was dialed in by making some final tweaks and set off to put on a show for the fans.

On Saturday, Currie positioned himself in seventh on the opening lap, but moved into the top five shortly thereafter. He engaged in battle with rivals Brian Deegan and Sheldon Creed for the majority of the race, with the trio swapping positions throughout. The battle was exciting for the fans to watch and equally as exciting for Currie behind the wheel. He eventually got the momentum he needed in the closing laps to take over fourth place on the final lap and cap off a stellar run.

Casey Currie Nissan truck "We didn't get aggressive enough in the beginning and it hurt us in the end," explained Currie. "Our fourth-place [finish] is good for points, but tomorrow night I will get on it harder in the beginning."

On Sunday, Currie stayed true to his word and was hard on the gas from the moment the green flag waved. He started inside the top five, but continued to be aggressive during the opening laps to put himself in podium position by Lap 5. For the remainder of the race Currie once again went door-to-door with Deegan, the Pro Lite points leader entering the weekend, and the pair exchanged positions on several occasions, bringing the crowd to its feet. Currie refused to give in to his fellow title contender and took over second place for good with two laps remaining.

"I pushed hard early and got into the top three," said Currie. "We had a crazy battle to the finish and I wish we had a couple more laps [to get to the front]. I am thrilled with how hard the team is working and how great the Jeep is driving. The team has hit its stride and now we need to focus on being this aggressive at every event." Casey Currie Nissan truck

The 4-2 results capped off an impressive weekend for Currie, who is now back into the thick of the battle for the Pro Lite crown. The Monster Energy/General Tire Jeep JK has already become one of the strongest trucks in the field following just four rounds of action and Currie now has considerable momentum heading into the final three weekends of the championship.

Currie and the Monster Energy/General Tire team will set their sights on Reno, Nev., on August 23-25 for Rounds 11 and 12 of the LOORS season from Wild West Motorsports Park. Currie was victorious at the facility last season and hopes for a repeat performance to continue his late season push.

Casey Currie Battles Through Adversity to Leave LOORS Lake Elsinore Round Second in Pro Lite Championship

Casey Currie Nissan truck CORONA, CA (May 22, 2013) - Despite the toughest weekend to date in the 2013 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORS) season, the Monster Energy/General Tire squad led by Casey Currie overcame adversity during both days of competition, making him second in his hometown race, the Pro Lite Championship in Lake Elsinore, CA.

The speed was definitely there for Currie and it showed immediately with impressive lap times during Friday's practice on the 1.1-mile circuit. Currie piloted his Monster Energy/General Tire truck to the top three times in each of his two group sessions. On Saturday morning, Currie laid down a hot lap in qualifying that landed him inside the top five on the starting grid for the first race of the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, as the green flag waved to start Round 5, Currie put himself in position to battle at the front of the field, until he encountered some bad luck early on. After the pole sitter spin just after the finish, Currie was collected in the ensuing chaos and fell to 16th place in the running order, forcing him to battle his way back through the field. Currie's exceptional abilities behind the wheel were on display through to the caution flag at the halfway point, Casey Currie Nissan truck passing seven trucks in just a handful of laps. After restarting in 9th, Currie kept the charge going through the finish. The speed was there in the Monster Energy/General Tire machine, but Currie simply ran out of laps and ultimately claimed 8th spot at the checkered flag.

"That's not the way you want things to go, but sometimes that's just how things work out in this sport," said Currie. "The Monster Energy/General Tire truck was driving really well and it made for some easy work to get back inside the top 10. I would have liked to be further towards the front and I think we had the truck to do it with, but we ran out of laps there at the end."

Round 6 kicked off on Sunday morning with qualifying to set the grid for the final Main of the weekend. Currie once again was on point and laid down a solid time that lined him up inside the top five for the final race of the weekend.

Casey Currie Nissan truck As the race got underway, Currie made quick moves to be a part of the lead pack, but was again hit with misfortune when another spin from a competitor collected the Monster Energy/General Tire truck. This time, Currie wasn't fortunate enough to come away unscathed and a broken front suspension dropped him to the tail end of the field in 28th spot. Despite losing the ability to make another charge through the field, Currie refused to give up and soldiered on through the remainder of the race to post a 20th-place finish, earning highly valuable championship points as a result.

"This just wasn't our weekend," said Currie. "Sometimes racing is harsh like that. All we can do is take our lumps, finish strong, and look forward to the next round. Hopefully we got the bad luck out of the way this weekend and will get back into this championship fight in Utah next month."

Casey Currie Nissan truck Currie's mixed results and hard luck unfortunately forced him to drop out of the Pro Lite points lead and into second place. Despite the adversity in Lake Elsinore, Currie still sits within striking distance at such an early point in the season, 39 points out of first.

Prior to the on-track action for the weekend, Currie spent Thursday morning with local KTLA 5 reporter Gayle Anderson on the KTLA Morning News. Currie gave Anderson a taste of what the Monster Energy/General Tire Pro Lite is capable of with his popular two-seater truck. The chance to be a co-pilot alongside Currie has become a favorite for the media and the sport's sponsors.

Currie and the Monster Energy/General Tire team will set their sights on reclaiming the Pro Lite points lead at Rounds 7 & 8 of the 2013 LOORS season from Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT, on June 21-23. Currie will debut a sharp-looking new truck for the event that is sure to turn some heads with its aggressive-yet-nostalgic design.

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Currie Begins Chase for LOORS Championship in Phoenix

Casey Currie is looking to rise to the top of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, beginning this weekend at the season opener at Firebird International Raceway, near Phoenix. The Monster Energy/General Tire Nissan driver claimed two LOORS Pro Lite victories in 2012 and is looking to put his name in the history books with a 2013 championship. Casey Currie Nissan truck

"Last year we made a lot of progress with our truck," said Currie. "During the off-season we kept working on it and I know we are going to unload with a very fast truck. I've also been busy getting back into race shape and have been working with a trainer to make sure I'm at my best throughout each race and over the course of the long season."

The 2013 LOORS premiere at Firebird Raceway will be bittersweet for everyone in the pits as it may mark the final off-road race at the facility, which has hosted multiple races over the years. The 2013 season also marks a change to the LOORS schedule, as the series will now hold only one event each month between March and October.

"I really like the new LOORS schedule," continued Currie. "I am always busy doing something, whether I'm racing, enjoying time out in the desert or just free riding on my dirt bike. I like to stay active and the schedule this year lets me pursue some of these other activities away from the racetrack." The door-to-door action from the LOORS season opener kicks off on Friday, March 15, with practice. Currie will dial in his Monster Energy/General Tire Nissan Pro Lite during this time in preparation for the points-paying races. The weekend's opening pair of rounds will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Fans who want to attend can buy tickets online at Firebird Raceway. If you can't make it to Phoenix, make sure to check out live timing and scoring at Motorsport Timing.

Wild West Motorsports Park - Sparks, Nevada (August 2012 Gallery)
truck flying truck jump turck jumpiing Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck dirt turck drifting trophy truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck
Miller Motorsports Park Utah gallery
Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck Casey Currie Nissan truck


Anaheim Hills, CA (February 22, 2012) Off-Road driver Casey Currie tapped into the racer in his blood, driving on pure Currie instinct in last week's King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, CA. It was indeed a family affair, as Casey's uncle, John Currie, took 1st in class and 1st overall in the inaugural Smittybuilt Every Man Challenge for stock and modified vehicles. Casey continued the legacy in the UTV and King of the Hammers races in the following days.

"I am so proud of my Uncle and his co-driver Gerald Lee," beamed Casey. "They drove a smart race and killed the competition. I was more than impressed with the drive and dedication of my team during the short amount of time they were allotted to finish the jeep, including prep fabrication and shock testing. Next year we plan to do it again."

Qualifying in a less than favorable position on Tuesday after getting hung up in the first obstacle known as the Gate Keeper, Casey Currie and team hammered down and pulled through to qualify in position 92 of 140 entrants for Friday's KOH Race.

Switching it up for Thursday's UTV race, Casey started in position 9 in the Kawasaki Teryx. Charging hard from the start, by mile 20 Casey had blown past the competition and placed himself 30 seconds behind position 1. Battling for 1st position through mile 35, Casey would suffer a belt loss, taking him out of the race.

"This Kawasaki Teryx is the fastest UTV in the Hammers, and I'm bummed we lost a belt," explained Casey. "We think our skid plate may have created too much heat in the engine compartment, but we will fix the problem and come back in full storm!"

Casey Currie at king of the hammers At the starting line in Friday's King of Hammers final race with one minute until start, Casey loses a relay in the car. The team resolves the problem and loses only four positions on the starting line, but experiences the relay loss once again and also a fuel pick-up problem toward the end of the first lap. Casey will lose 30 minutes of ground while his team hustles to fix the issue. Up and running again and refocused on lap two, Casey hammers down and regains the lost ground, taking a 14th position finish physically, and 10th overall after corrected times.

"What a day," sighs Casey, "We had some small problems throughout the day but we fought through it to finish in the top 10. Our tires held up very well and I'm already strategizing for KOH 2013. My Uncle's support all day as a spotter was phenomenal and my Dad and team really hustled with pits and support."

With several weeks before the first Lucas Oil Off-Road Race of the season, Casey returns home to knock all of that KOH dirt of the toys, and fine tune his Pro Lite for a fresh shot at the Championship in 2012. For more information on Casey Currie, check out, become a fan at or follow Casey on Twitter at For Casey Currie video action, check out his channels on StreetFire at and YouTube at


Casey Currie Shows 'Monster' Fighting Spirit in Lucas Oil Off Road Series Rounds 3/4, Surprise, AZ Anaheim Hills, CA (December 14, 2011) – Casey Currie and his Monster Energy General Tire Nissan would make their final stop of the Lucas Oil Off-Road season this weekend at Arizona's Firebird Speedway. Entering this final round 5th in Championship points, Casey set out to end this season with a bang. Casey drove with full head and heart in the game finishing Saturday's race in 4th place, and landing a coveted 3rd place podium finish in Sunday's Pro Lite/Buggy Cup.

Casey would face the challenge of starting toward the back of the pack due to some issues in qualifying, but nothing a driver of his skill couldn't recover from, and recover he did. Casey tapped into that Monster Energy and advanced himself to 5th place by only turn three of the first lap, and by lap three Casey had torn through the pack to take 2nd place from Chris Brandt in turn four. It was an all-out battle for 2nd with Brandt for the better part of the first half, yet Casey stood his ground until the competition yellow tightened up the pack. Once the pack had regrouped, the pressure was on to maintain his ground. Positions one through four remained tight, and Casey was taking turns three-trucks wide fighting to keep that 2nd place position. Rounding turn four of the course, Casey was pushed out wide and over the berm, setting him back two positions to 4th place where he would fight to gain ground in the remaining laps. With little time left in the race, his competing drivers held their ground and Casey crossed the finish line in 4th—a respectable finish, earning him 5th place in Championship points for the Lucas Oil Off-Road series.

"Our finish today proved that the V8s can run up front," said Casey of Saturday's race. "We started in the back row and worked our way to 2nd, until I got a little help over a berm and two guys managed to get by; little changes for tomorrow and we will be good."

Sunday's Cup race combining the Pro Lite and Pro Buggy classes was an all-out, no-holds barred race, going for checkers or wreckers. With a solid three months before another race, and a $20,000 first place prize on the line, the drivers would bring out extra measures of aggression to let nothing get in the way of the win. Casey's position varied throughout the race as he battled to gain positions, gaining and losing ground back and forth as the laps went on. Battling door-to-door with Rodrigo Ampudia throughout the race, Casey would ultimately pass Ampudia and take the 3rd place position with less than two laps remaining. Defending his 3rd place position, Casey's hood flipped up and back over his windshield, leaving him with zero visibility. Yet Casey continued to charge the remainder of the lap to finish in 3rd place, later stating on the podium that he had only the wall to use as a guide.

"Sunday was awesome!! It was a battlefield," exclaimed Casey. "I went to the back a couple times but to end up on the podium is awesome. The team deserves this and the truck is awesome. We had the hood blow up and land on my window so I ran the last lap blind."

Wrapping up the season 5th in championship points for the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series, Casey Currie is already strategizing his plan of attack for 2012.

"We have the momentum going now," commented Casey on where they stand in Pro Lite. "The truck is working good and pieces are coming together. I'm excited for the future of V8 Pro Lites and I feel our team is on point for next year's season."

Next up, Casey Currie will be switching hats and driving in Ultra 4 Racing's part rock, part desert race, King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, CA on February 10-11th of 2012. For more information on Casey Currie, visit, become a fan at Facebook/OfficialCaseyCurrie or follow Casey on Twitter at


Casey Currie Shows 'Monster' Fighting Spirit in Lucas Oil Off Road Series Rounds 3/4, Surprise, AZ San Clemente, CA (October 18, 2011) – Casey Currie tore in to Cycle Ranch in Texas, ready to charge in his Monster Energy General Tire Nissan, and ready to defend his 2010 title in the PRO Light class. After a high-energy weekend of top PRO Light drivers chomping at the bit for the Championship, Casey takes 4th in Saturday’s race, and ends an intense battle for the 2nd place podium spot on Sunday. Casey Currie proudly takes home 3rd place overall in the 2011 Championship and 7th in the Traxxas PRO Light Cup Race.

Saturday and Sunday’s leaders were neck and neck; giving the fans the intense short-course action they came to see. Casey would move up to cross the finish line in 3rd place on Saturday, but after reviewing the lap counter, CJ was given the 3rd place position, putting Casey in 4th for the day.

"We had a great race truck all day, and starting on the 3rd row made it tough to get through traffic," noted Casey, "but we have a great starting position for tomorrow's race."

Sunday’s race was an all-out fight, with Casey, RJ Anderson, and CJ Greaves battling in the top three. After a second full-course yellow regroups the field, Casey makes a huge acceleration on the back straight, and brings himself right on top of CJ and RJ battling for the lead. RJ Anderson is holding the lead with some bite in the turns, but CJ and Casey are out-braking him, keeping close behind. After taking the inside on Turn 5, and a little fender rubbing with CJ Greaves, Casey moves into 2nd. The two continue head to head, Casey taking turns on two wheels and hanging on to 2nd for the podium finish.

"That was a battle!" says Casey. "CJ and I battled the last couple of laps and I ended up in front of him. My truck was working well and I'm glad to finish 2nd today. We also wrapped up a podium spot on the year-end points which is a bonus for us."

In the Traxxas PRO Light Cup Race on Sunday, Casey was on fire! Starting off on the inside, Casey took the lead leaving CJ Greaves and RJ Anderson going at it for 3rd. Losing body panels, Casey remained well out front, at times by 12-15 car lengths. With only 2 laps remaining, Casey rides the outter burm of the sharp infield turn, and suffers a right rear flat—CJ Greaves jumping into the lead. Casey continues to push the Monster Energy General Tire Nissan but the flat will force him to pit. Casey gets back on track with a fresh right rear to finish 7th in the PRO Light Traxxas Cup.

"Starting on the front row I got a great start and had a great race going," Casey explains. "I had a big lead 'till lap 14 where I hit a burm wrong, giving me a flat tire. I tried to keep racing but there was nothing I could do. Two laps short—but next year we are coming for the money!!"

Always charging hard and moving forward fast, Casey is also finishing up his 2011 season in the Lucas Oil Off-Road series, where he currently holds 6th place in the Championship. For Rounds 13-14, Casey hits Sin City, to put all cards on the table and see who comes out on the top of the heap. Catch him November 5-6 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. For more information on Casey Currie, visit , become a fan at Facebook/OfficialCaseyCurrie or follow Casey on Twitter at

Casey Currie Shows 'Monster' Fighting Spirit in Lucas Oil Off Road Series Rounds 3/4, Surprise, AZ

Casey Currie Shows 'Monster' Fighting Spirit in Lucas Oil Off Road Series Rounds 3/4, Surprise, AZAnaheim, CA (April 20, 2011) —Defending TORC Series Pro Light Truck champ Casey Currie took his #2 Monster Energy/ Nissan Frontier Pro Lite truck to Speedworld Off Road Park in Surprise, AZ, this past weekend for rounds 3 and 4 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. He had a decent showing in his first outing landing him 5th in the points standings to kick the season off. Looking to improve, Casey and the team worked hard in race prep to have the Nissan dialed-in.

Qualifying would set the stage for a pressure pack weekend in the hot Arizona desert. Casey was setting up to pass Brian Deegan when he went wide in the turn and hit the K-rail, breaking the rear wheel. Needless to say, the team went to work on the truck and miraculously made the repairs in time for the Saturday afternoon race.

Saturday, Currie lined up in the 10th position. When the green flag flew, he patiently worked his way through the field, making his way up to 5th by lap 4. He picked-off another position when Rodrigo Ampudia went wide in turn 5 landing him in 4th just in time for the mandatory caution, halfway through the race. At the restart, Casey began to make his move to the front and feeling good about his chances to reach the podium. However, it was not meant to be, as a mechanical problem developed which effected his steering. He fell back a couple of positions and finished a hard fought 6th out of a field of 16 trucks.

Casey Currie holds on in round 4 of the Lucas
                    Oil Off Road Racing Series Pro Lite class.For Sunday's race, Currie, still fighting mechanical issues, qualified 11th. Obviously the hardest working driver on the track, Casey was able to dice his way up to 5th by the competition caution. After a botched restart, officials called for a second restart. This time, Currie missed a gear, losing his momentum and a couple of positions. Casey nursed his batter Nissan to the finish line, grateful to take home a 7th place finish.

"The truck was mangled the entire weekend," said Currie. "The crew did a phenomenal job getting it back together and ready for the race. If you didn't see it you wouldn't believe we could even finished the race. So, we are thankful to finish the way we did and stay close to the leaders in the points. As we always do, we will continue to tweak the truck 'til we're on the podium."

Firebird raceway March 2011

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Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster backside Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Engine of Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster inside of Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster battery, fuel tank and radiator fan inside of Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster suspension and brakes Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster front without cover Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster applying Multi-Purpose Waterproof Grease mechanic workig Engine room of Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster brake system engine and starter Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster engine of Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster engine of Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster without cover clean torco oil inside of oil tank mechanic pouring SR-5 in to the oil tank Casey Currie with pit crew Casey Currie with pit crew having fun pit crew working Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster jumping Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Engine of Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster mechanic cleaning using brake & contact cleaner mechanic using brake & contact cleaner for cleaning.
Casey Currie brake system suspension system Casey Currie spraying PL-50 PENETRATING LUBRICANT
SEMA 2010
Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster Casey Currie Nissan Titan Monster

Crandon, WI (September 6, 2010)

casey currie Casey Currie went to the season finale race at the fabled "Big House" Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, WI, with one thing in mind: win the championship. And win he did, earning his first Pro Light class championship by sweeping the weekend for Monster Energy, BFGoodrich, Magnaflow and Motive. A huge crowd of more than 15,000 of some of the most dedicated off-road racing fans in the country enjoyed some of the most exciting and nail biting races of the entire year.

casey currie Casey entered the weekend with a narrow five point margin over Andrew Caddell for the class championship. Casey and Andrew have had some very exciting dogfights this year but none like the one on Saturday. The Pro Lights started from the familiar "land rush" start that has all the drivers lined up side-by-side in a motocrossish sprint for the turn one holeshot. Crandon crowds have witnessed some incredible crashes in Potowatomi Turn One over the years. Casey's Ford with BFGoodrich tires won the holeshot cleanly and proceeded to lead every lap on the winding 1.5 mile track until the final lap.

nissan titan racing On the last lap, with the checkered flag and the finish line in sight, Caddell got his bumper into Casey's rear tire, and rolled him while making the pass. Miraculously, Case